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Callin it quits. Got no reason to post on this thing ever. I work at Best Buy now so I got me a job. I still watch movies and play games and stuff. Saw “9” in the theaters as my most recent movie. It looked pretty but the story was mediocre. As for music, haven’t bought any CDs in a good while but I borrowed my friend’s Violent Femmes CD. Good stuff. And as for games, bought Kingdom Hearts DS and Oblivion. Both fun, Oblivion is better. This will probably be my last post here. I’m just not interested in blogging here anymore. Ta-ta


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Another Abandoned Project

Well, that first Virtual History was the only one I’ve wound up doing so far. I’m a pseudo perfectionist and I really just don’t have the tools that would give me satisfaction in producing those videos, or any videos, that I would want to be taken seriously. So there that project goes with the wind. In another news, my website (not this blog), has turned into a kind of unofficial/personal mirror for things around the Internet that I want to make sure don’t disappear from the internet… so I’ve been putting things on my website.

Anywho, that’s that. This is just another useless update. I’m just not a blogger.

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Virtual History

So, I just started a new video series, where I talk about the background/lore, or “history” if you will, of different video game series. I figured I should do something to put my degree to use! I decided that since I’m getting back into webdesign as well, my aformentioned new website will serve as the “homesite” for my video productions. I’m thinking of doing another kind of feature for video games too, though I might just do writeups/articles for the other one. Well… that’s all for now!

Oh! You can get the YouTube video of my new series here: Virtual History

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Under Construction

So I’m working on having myself a new website (not to replace this blog here). You can find it here: HobblinHarry

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Well, I think I might post here more, maybe. With the addition of my livejournal imports, you can see how just…unimportant the things were I posted about were. You can see a shift towards my most recent entries, where my posts focus less on “this movie sucked, this game rules” approach, and more on a philosophical kind of approach. Self psychology. Therapy? Anyway, that’s probably how this blog will be focused. I don’t think I’ll abandon my “media” reviews either, as I am getting into reading books. I actually just finished a book, and will write a review on it later, when I have the motivation. That’s something that has always been an obstacle right there for me: motivation. Anyway, expect more posts here, I guess. Maybe.

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I imported a lot of entries from old LiveJournal blogs I had, so if you were retarded enough to look through my old archives, you might be lucky enough to find similar entries.

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Making a post, that nobody will read.
It’s 8 in the morning… guess why I’m up.
No, it’s not because I woke up early,
but because I haven’t gone to bed

I have class in 3 hours,
which really sucks.
I wish I wish I slept normal,
because I keep sleeping through
my day classes.

That’s no good, I don’t want to fail.
But whatever, I don’t care.
And if you thought this was a poem,
just because the lines are cut off
and continue on the next line…
you got duped!

PS: Chris do you still use this thing, I don’t know man I mean I know you still got an account here I see it on my friends list but I don’t know if you still use this this thing. I haven’t talked to you in forever dude, get in touch or w/e.

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