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New Super Mario Bros Wii

Link: New Super Mario Bros Wii

I’ve actually wanted this in a Mario game for a loooong time.


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Cake or Bread?

Who decides if something is called a cake or a bread? You have banana and pumpkin bread, yet it’s carrot cake. Marie Antoinette didn’t see a real difference and neither do I. That doesn’t mean you can term things all willy nilly though. They are all cakes or they are all breads and that’s that.

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Venture Bros

Just bought seasons 1-3. Awesome show. Awesome to the max.

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Sunday Comics

In case anyone cares, these are my five favorite funnies. In no particular order:


Baby Blues


Rhymes With Orange

Sally Forth

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Life, the Universe, and Everything

Do you ever ponder the universe, and what it is? Is it infinite? Is it ever expanding? Even if it IS ever expanding, what is it expanding into? Empty space? How much of that empty space is there and where did it come from? Some might say God, but where did God come from? I get the feeling that the logical conclusion to life…everything…is that it shouldn’t even exist.

I was watching History or Discovery the other night and there was a special about the universe, and that how in billions of years from now, we won’t be able to see any other galaxies, even with the most powerful telescopes, because of how far apart they will have expanded away from our galaxy. If there is sentient life on Earth, or any other planet in our Galaxy for that matter, that far from now, they will have every reason to believe that the edge of our galaxy is the edge of the known universe and that there is nothing else out there. For all they will know is that our galaxy is a self contained bubble in a void of blackness. Of course they will have questions like “how did it all begin?” but for all they will know, “all” is only the Milky Way.

They will have it easier, they will have less to explain. Of course, they will be wrong anyway because unbeknownst to them, there IS a whole universe out there, other galaxies beyond the dark reaches of the nether. The point is, I am alive right now, and how am I to explain what the hell is going on with this infinitely black void we call the universe, spotted with galaxies. Sure, I could say “God” did it, but then where did God come from? Where did the space or plane or dimension he occupies come from?

I don’t think about this stuff too often, but when it does, I get really depressed, because like I said, the only logical conclusion I can draw is that life shouldn’t even exist. But it does. What the fuck.

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$199 Computer

Link: $199 Computer

For what it is, this would be a horrible home computer. For what its worth, I think I may actually pick one of these up in the future to serve as an emulator machine, as in loading it up with NES, SNES, Sega, Nintedo 64, GameBoy, and PS1 emulators, and even more if I forgot anyway, storing it up with roms, and then having like an all-in-one console plugged into my TV. I have an Xbox 360 controller that I could throw on this guy and play it with a controller like video games were meant to be. Of course, I need to buy a nice HDTV first, but I think it would be awesome to do this.

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Google Chrome


Google makes a wonderful internet browser and I’m deciding to whore myself out

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