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Media Galore

So where to start. Nothing new on the book front that I don’t think I already reported. In case I didn’t, Starfish and The Road are excellent books. I’ve been meaning to start Lucifer’s Hammer for a long time now but haven’t… it just looks so daunting. I bought a collection of H.G. Wells shorts, as well as H.G. Wells Time Machine and War of the Worlds. Maybe I will dig into those first.

Music? I haven’t really been buying any new CDs. I’ve gotten into Bob Dylan. My friend gave me two Bob Dylan CDs because he doesn’t really care for him.

Games: not much here either. I bought the Sims 3 when it came out and it consumed me for about a month but I haven’t touched it recently. I’m itching to start playing it again though. Marvel vs Capcom 2 on Xbox Live has been a blast as well. And I also burned some games ILLEGALLY for my Dreamcast (did I mention I bought a Dreamcast from the Flea Market earlier this year?). Mostly all the Capcom fighters.

Movies: I saw quite a few movies starting with Wolverine. I don’t think I ever commented on any of them. I saw quite a few so I will just run through them as a list with some short comments.

Wolverine – Started out looking good, but just became more and more disappointing as it went on. Not a complete waste of time. though. If you want to veg out and enjoy some action, check this one out.

Angels and Demons – Better than the Da Vinci code adaptation. You would only appreciate this if you read the book though. It’s pretty “meh” all around. Watch it if you have the time or liked the book.

Star Trek – I’ve never been a Trekkie, but I enjoyed this movie on the whole. I’ve heard bad things from some people, but mostly from Star Trek fans.

Year One – It was pretty funny, but not LAUGH OUT LOUD. Worth watching though.

District 9 – This movie is not epically mind blowing on all levels, but it is DEFINITELY the best movie to come out this summer (out of the one’s I saw anyway). I will say it’s amazing, but it is not the best movie of all time. Definitely worth watching.

Inglourious Basterds – Definitely the second best movie to come out this summer. The beginning and the ending are fantastic. The rest of the movie is good, but some parts in the middle drag on. If you like Tarantino, you will certainly not be disappointed with this, however. Also, the trailers lead you to believe it’s more action oriented than it really is.

Well, that’s it for the movies, and this post I guess. There were some movies that piqued my interest but I decided to wait until video, such as Public Enemies and The Taking Of Pelham 123, and Terminator: Salvation. Then there were other movies that when I first heard about them, I wanted to see, but as I heard and saw more stuff about them, I decided I do not want to see at all, and will probably see on video one day, but they will be on someone else’s dime. like G. I. Joe and Transformers 2.

Welp, I bid you good day (if anyone even reads this, which I doubt). As I said, I hope to use this blog more now since my life (hopefully) will be starting very soon.


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Life Might Finally Start

Well, well, well. An update that isn’t just a short paragraph on something that I don’t even care about. You may be looking at a new employee of Best Buy. I had to take a drug test (which I should have passed) and I’ll I’m waiting on now is the call to start orientation/the job. It’s starting out as part-time but there’s definitely room to become full-time. Assuming something doesn’t go horribly wrong and I don’t get the job after all, this will be the beginning of the rest of my life. I don’t want to get my hopes up quite yet though, in case something DOES go horribly wrong. I am excited, but I don’t want to consider the possibilities until it is official. And since I feel like I will actually have a life now, I think I will actually take advantage of this blog more.


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Another Abandoned Project

Well, that first Virtual History was the only one I’ve wound up doing so far. I’m a pseudo perfectionist and I really just don’t have the tools that would give me satisfaction in producing those videos, or any videos, that I would want to be taken seriously. So there that project goes with the wind. In another news, my website (not this blog), has turned into a kind of unofficial/personal mirror for things around the Internet that I want to make sure don’t disappear from the internet… so I’ve been putting things on my website.

Anywho, that’s that. This is just another useless update. I’m just not a blogger.

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