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Making a post, that nobody will read.
It’s 8 in the morning… guess why I’m up.
No, it’s not because I woke up early,
but because I haven’t gone to bed

I have class in 3 hours,
which really sucks.
I wish I wish I slept normal,
because I keep sleeping through
my day classes.

That’s no good, I don’t want to fail.
But whatever, I don’t care.
And if you thought this was a poem,
just because the lines are cut off
and continue on the next line…
you got duped!

PS: Chris do you still use this thing, I don’t know man I mean I know you still got an account here I see it on my friends list but I don’t know if you still use this this thing. I haven’t talked to you in forever dude, get in touch or w/e.


January 29, 2008 at 8:10 am 2 comments