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Over 4 Years Ago.

First of all, I bought the Heroes season 1 DVD. It’s a great show, the new season starts later this month on NBC. Check it out.

Anyways, over 4 years ago I started this “blogging” nonsense, before blogging was even a mainstream word. I never really got into serious blogging, or blogging that actually mattered. I did more of an on-line journal kind of deal, keeping up with movies, music, tv, video games, web design, and any other thing that I thought was worth mentioning to no one (because nobody reads these). I slowly started losing interest in web design. It all started with my own news posting database that I wrote on my own in the PHP language. My layouts kept getting more and more simplistic, until I decided to just switch to a WordPress blog, and then finally just to, which happened earlier this year. Going back through August 2003 and up to now you won’t really find anything worth reading. This has really just been an on-line journal about the trivial. I had intended it my goal a long time ago to make some kind of serious blog, and I did actually start on one with one post, but I quickly lost interest. I really have no interest for any kind of blogging or web design now. I haven’t been posting often this year. You’ll notice that I don’t have at least one entry per month this year, while all the months of previous years are represented. I just really don’t have the interest anymore. As far as the monikers I’ve posted under in the past four years: Pen, Keyboard Stomp, Soporific, Hobbs, and Hobblin Harry, they all kind of came together into this little WordPress blog. In older days when you might have visited this blog at or, you would of noticed some more meat in my sites, such as sound clips, flash movies, and videos, but those are all things of the past, especially when since I lost it all when my hard drive crashed back in June.

So what does all of that mean for the future? I’ll keep this blog up, continuing to run it as it has always been, posting on trivial information that nobody but me should care about. The posts will probably become more and more scarce. I probably won’t post on every new movie or CD I buy. I haven’t even done that over the past 4 years, but I tried. What I guess I’m saying now is that I’ll “try to try.” I’m mostly keeping this blog around because it’s linked to my facebook, so whenever I post here, my notes on my facebook stream the posts in. I might try to do a serious blog/web site again in the future, but for now, no.

So all in all, stay tuned for more of nothing. Word count? This rounds it out to 500 words. Thank you. Bye.


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