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Four Months.

So I haven’t added a blog in four months. Why not? Tons of reasons. School. Lost interest. Okay, so theres two. March and April were actually kind of chilled months. I just didn’t have much going on. May and most of this month was jam packed with school. I’m done for the summer. So what are the small things I’ve been up with?

Well, I’ve been listening to a lot of older music. Bought a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers greatest hits CD. Yeah. Not much. I’ve really had no money.

I’ve seen a few. 300, that was awesome. Spider-Man 3 was okay, I still like the first one the best. Knocked Up? I think that is the only other movie I have seen in the theaters recently. It was hil-arious. Movies that are already out… I saw Pirates 2 finally. It was decent. I’m gonna wait for Pirates 3 to hit video before I see that one. Saw Rent. I don’t like musicals too much, the movie was good though, I guess.

This post is kind of lackluster, I know. But as I’ve said, I am losing interest.

My last post was about quitting WoW. Well, I started playing WoW again 😐


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