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Just say no to warcrack.

I’ve strayed from World of Warcraft as of late. I might cancel my account altogether. It’s just not as fun as it used to be, and I bought the expansion too.

What have I been doing instead? I got back into Half-Life! I’ve been exploring the mods that have been released as of late. I am really digging the GoldenEye mod, which is a recreation of the classic N64 game. I have also found a gem called Jailbreak. There was a Jailbreak mod for Half-Life 1, and now theres a source version! There was also a GoldenEye mod for Half-Life 1 but it never really took off. The one for the Source engine has been getting a lot of support and praise though. They’ve released an alpha release a year ago, and it was pretty solid, but just recently they released their first beta. The maps are glorious! But what is Jailbreak exactly? Basically, its a team deathmatch mod. The two teams have their own spawn base which includes a jail. When you kill someone on the opposing team, instead of them respawning, they spawn inside of your jail. The object is to have the entire other team in your jail at once, and then your team wins and a new round starts. The catch is, your prisoners can be freed! So you also have to guard your base, and make sure you don’t wind up in a jail yourself! Now I will throw links of the two mods at you.


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