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I thought Wesley Snipes was more popular?

From this article:

“Movie actor Wesley Snipes, star of “White Men Can’t Jump” and the “Blade” films, was indicted Tuesday on eight counts of tax fraud accusing him of trying to cheat the government of $12 million in false refund claims.”

star of “White Men Can’t Jump” and the “Blade” films

Has he really done not much else? I mean really, White Men Can’t Jump? The Blade trilogy? Blade 2 and Blade 3 were forgettable, and the first Blade wasn’t the best comic book movie adaptation. White Men Can’t Jump was only moderately funny. Why would they list those movies as examples of what he has been in? My guess is that they are trying to cast him in a bad light to build more sympathy for the article, to go along with his non taxpaying. I don’t know. I could of sworn he has done bigger movies than those, though.


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New Layout and Page

I added a Media page. It just has links to media submissions I have made.

As for the layout, this is customly styled by me, which means I’m not using anyone elses layouts. I am still using WordPress, though. WordPress is pretty nifty. Anyhow, expect the layout to change around a lot for the next few days. I’m trying to get the layout down before I start messing with the colors. The colors now are only temporary.

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Cards and Cards

I thought I’d mention I have been playing Rummy a lot lately. But that’s not the point of this post. This is about my favorite Cards-The St. Louis Cardinals.

I filed this under games because, well, I probably won’t make any baseball related posts outside of the season, and baseball is a game anyways, so here it is. Anyways, the Cards are my team, and right now they are 2-0 in the division series in the semi rounds. At the time of this post, however, San Diego is up by two and it’s the start of the 9th inning. They could very well win this game, which will cause problems. But it’s not the end of the world. If the Padres win today, they will have to win the next game too, and that will only tie them. But I want my Cards to go ahead and devour them, so they can get prepared to destroy the Mets, who will most likely take home their side of the semi finals. We will find that out later today.

As for the American league half of the division series, Oakland already destroyed Minnesota, and the Yankees and Tigers have game 3 going on right now. Detroit leads the series 2-1, meaning if they win tonight, it will be Oakland and Detroid going at it for the AL spot of the World Series.

I’m hoping the NL half boils down to the Cardinals and, well I don’t want the Mets to make it up, but they probably will. The Cardinals aren’t having smooth sailing like I hoped. Even if they do overcome San Diego in the semis, they will have to face the Mets (most likely).

I might as well and make a prediction of who will go the world series. As much as I want my Cards to go, I’m thinking it will be the Mets vs the Athletics. Mets taking home the World Series. Prove me wrong, statistics. Let my Cards make it!

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Free at Last!

I finally have a weekend where I don’t have to do any major projects. All of the projects this week were due during the week, including 3 papers I had to do. I can finally sit around and do nothing (not that I didn’t already do that, but now I don’t have to feel like I’m procrastinating).

I have been playing Final Fantasy Tactics again, lately. I’m sitting at the final boss on FF9, but I need to level up some more before I can get him. I’ve also been sitting at the last boss in FF7 for a few months (since the end of last semester). I need to go ahead and spend some time leveling up in those games so I can beat them. After I take care of those, and finish FFT, I am going to give another whirl at Final Fantasy VIII. I played the game eons ago when it came out, but didn’t get more than halfway through disc 1. The game just didn’t interest me. Maybe now, though, I will be able to play through it, but I won’t get started on it for around another month. No matter what old game I’ll be playing through, come December, I will have to drop whatever it is to play the new Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

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