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Resident Evils

I finally beat both Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica. That means I have beaten all “main” Resident Evil games. I beat 3 over the weekend, and CV over the first half of this week. I still have yet to play the Claire Scenario on RE:2 and Chris Scenario on RE:1, so I might go through those. I still need to beat Metroid Prime, and then I am caught up on beating all of my single player games. If I enjoy Metroid Prime, I might go get Metroid Prime 2, which would lead to me getting Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii. Currently I have no plans to get Metroid Prime 3 after the Wii comes out. I’m also more likely to get the GameCube version of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess than the Wii version, because I probably won’t have enough money to spend on the Wii when it comes out, but I really want the new Zelda. Maybe for Christmas?

Other than all my video game and comic activities, school is pretty stable. I should get good grades this semester.


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Comic Catchup

I’m still not caught up on my comic books. Thanks to World of Warcraft, I didn’t buy many over the summer. Now that I stopped playing that god forsaken game, I have bought a few comics that I missed, such as Loveless (awesome post Civil War comic from DC Vertigo), Sgt Rock (I got the rest of this 6 part miniseries that takes place during World War II, from DC), Ms Marvel (all the way up to right before the latest issue which talks about her involvment in the current war in the Marvel Comics universe), and Street Fighter II (a new comic miniseries about the game of the same name). Meanwhile, my friend let me borrow the completed miniseries of the Street Fighter I comics (which I haven’t got to reading yet). And I still need to catch up on the August comics, which would be the newest Ms Marvel and Loveless. Theres some other comics that I need to catch up on but they are low priority and will have to wait until my excess check from school comes in. As will the August issues of the comics I just mentioned. I still want to collect the rest of Sin City, also. And I would like to pick up The Watchmen from DC Vertigo, as it is another soon to be graphic novel turned into movie, like Sin City and V for Vendetta. DC also just relaunched the Justice League of America comic line (as they did with a lot of their lines thanks to the war that just ended in the DC Universe). I may start on the new JLA. The bottom line is that comics are fun to read!

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Snakes on a Plane

I knew I was forgetting to talk about something! I saw Snakes on a Plane Friday. It’s basically one of the best movies ever made, hands down. It’s not AS cheesy as it looks. The plot does it’s job of explaining why there are snakes on a plane, but don’t really go watch the movie for the plot. It’s the action. The GLORIOUS snake action. Also, I got a roomate today. He’s cool.

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All Imported

I successfully imported all of my old posts into the new WordPress site! This means I will be taking the /classic/ section down from my site. Good bye old friend! I will keep all of it’s source code on my website though, and the databases will remain there too, incase something goes horribly wrong with this site, all my old posts are still backed up. Okay then!

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Moved In

I’m moved into my new dorm room. It’s pretty sweet. It’s the same layout as my old dorm room so I’m used to it. My roomate hasn’t arrived yet so I don’t know how that will go. I’m glad the internet actually works this semster. That makes things better. But yea, that’s all I really got for this. Another year of school, oh boy.

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Clerks II

So I had no idea this movie was already out in theaters. I had heard Kevin Smith was making a sequel, but there was silence for many months. Then bam! I see it playing at my local cinematech. I decided to watch it as I enjoy Smith’s films, especially Clerks. I even have the short lived Clerks cartoon series on DVD. So it would only be right that I saw the sequel.

Was it good? Yes. Yes it was good. Was it great? Maybe not. It was still good though. There were many laughs to be had. Jay and Silent Bob are back. I’m glad Smith decided to go back to these kinds of movies, but I think Jersey Girl tainted him. I wonder if he can ever be as funny as he once was. Maybe it was just the sequel phenomena, where sequels usually aren’t as good as their predecessors. It was still a good movie though. I’ll get it on DVD when it comes out. I just think it could of been funnier. Again, I’m not bashing the movie, it was funny, but it just seemed a little lacking in some parts.

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Why Midway is the Best Publisher Ever.

Mortal Kombat is coming to the Wii. Mortal Kombat:Armageddon was announced for the Xbox and PS2 a while ago, but there were no reports of a GameCube version. Well thats because there won’t be a GameCube version. It will be on the soon-to-come-out Nintendo Wii! That doesn’t bother me, because I will get a Wii. But why is this so important if it was already coming out for the other systems? Simple. I said it before and I will say it again. I am a Nintendo fanboy. Nintendo to the bone. Nintendo is all I own (except for my PS1 to continue on with the Final Fantasy glory introduced on Nintendo, and my PSP because it seemed more practical than an iPod, especially since it is going to get a Final Fantasy 7 sequal).

But yes, Midway. Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat is my favorite fighting game franchise, and one of my favorite video game franchises ever. I am so glad I can continue to enjoy the franchise on Nintendo systems. Also within that article, An upgraded port of Rampage: Total Destruction is coming to the Wii. I played the GameCube version, but I do not own it. It’s a blast and a half. An enhanced Wii version means that this will be another title that I plan to buy for the sooncoming system. Midway and Nintendo. Wonderful times.

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