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Where did my summer go?!

It’s July 31st. I’m pretty sure the semester starts back August 14th. I think we can move back into the dorms on 11th. I need to double check these dates. Nevertheless, that’s just two weeks. I’ve been out of school since the first week of May. Where did all my time go?

Oh, wait, I remember now. WORLD OF WARCRAFT! I haven’t touched the game in a few days. I’m thinking about cancelling my subscription. It’s a great game, but it’s such a time consumer. My whole summer, lol. Seriously.


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Reno 911

This is another common feature of my old blog. I would buy a new DVD, CD, or Video Game, and post about it. Well, Reno 911: Season 3 is the first DVD I’ve bought since my new design. It’s more specifically a television show. The season so far is pretty good. I still like season 1 the best. Though I’m not done watching season 3 yet so the remaining episodes may wow me. I only saw the first few episodes of season 3 when they were on television so I am really excited that the DVD finally came out.

On another note about Reno 911, apparently a movie is in the works. I thought it was just a rumor at first, but they mentiobn it on the DVD. Not much is known about it, except that it’s called Reno 911: Miami. I guess it takes place in Miami. Supposedly it comes out this winter season.

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Lady in the Water

This is something I did on my old blog all the time. I would see a movie, and then I would post my thoughts. This is the first movie I’ve seen since reformatting my blog, so this is like some kind of stupid special occasion or something. So yeah, I saw this new M. Night Shayalam (spelling?) movie. The guy who did Signs, Village, Sixth Sense, and Unbreakable. You know the themes of his movies. They have “twists.” As long as you already know you won’t be seeing a scary movie, or some kind of high action packed thriller, then theres no reason why these movies shouldn’t be enjoyable to you. Same deal with Lady in the Water. The previews say it’s a fairy tale. That’s what it is. If you don’t want to go see a fairy tale, then don’t try to place this movie in another genre and say it sucks. If you saw it and thought it sucks, then make sure it sucks because of the fairy tale format, not because it wasn’t scary. Other than that, yeah great movie all around. Two thumbs up. It keeps you entertained. There are parts that make you jump, and parts that make you laugh. It can keep your attention, and truly you don’t know what will happen next, like the rest of his “twist” movies. So yeah, that’s it for this edition of “talk about the movie I saw the other night.”

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Portal: A Welcomed Suprise

Gee, lots of games posts since I restarted my blog. I guess I’m a gamer afterall.

Anywho, along with the Team Fortress 2 announcement, Valve announced Portal, a new single player game which will also be released with Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It was hard to place a finger on what this game would be like, but with the new video recently released, this game looks AMAZING! If you have STEAM, you can download the trailer here: STEAM Link. If you don’t, theres plenty of mirrors. I will link to the CS-Nation article about it, as they already have mirrors compiled. I doubt I generate enough traffic to mess with their bandwith by linking directly to them.

On a last note, the history behind Portal and where it came from: The game Portal is based off of is the project of a group of graduate students from DigiPen IT. DigiPen University (the very college I dreamed of attending when in High School, however as I progressed I, like every other teenager, realized how lazy I am and settled for a local college). “Based off of,” you say? Well, what Valve did was hire these guys to “recreate” their game on the Source engine. What you get is something special. Seriously, watch one of the videos. It will take too many words to describe. Anyways, you can still download the original game designed by the DigiPen students. It’s called Narbacular Drop and due to the announcement of Portal, the website exceeds it’s bandwith frequently.

Oh yeah, theres been a video teaser for Team Fortress 2 released since my last post. You can again download it through steam, or through a mirror, which I will again link to CS-Nation.

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Team Fortress 2!

UPDATE: Teaser image!

Yes, it is finally coming out! It will be released with Half-Life Episode 2. Also released with Ep2 will be a new single player game called “Portals.” Here is a block quote on the TF2 tidbit:

Newell then dropped an even bigger bombshell by showing off Team Fortress 2. Those familiar with Valve’s history know that Team Fortress 2 was an ambitious multiplayer action game that was supposed to come out after the original Half-Life. However, the game quietly disappeared after years of development, and it was assumed that Valve dropped the project.

Well, Team Fortress 2 is back and will be included with Episode Two, and it looks like nothing else on the market. Newell explained that Valve wanted to make this action game distinct, so the graphics (which use the Source engine) look like a Pixar animated movie. To reinforce this, the carious character classes in the game look like cartoon caricatures. These include the Medic with the huge needle or the Demoman with the sticks of explosives. Other classes include the Heavy, the Spy, the Scout, the Engineer, the Sniper, the Soldier, and the Pyro. Newell says that the goal with Team Fortress 2 is to create “the best looking and best-playing class-based multiplayer game.” Team Fortress 2 is certainly unique in appearance, so we’ll see how it plays.

and a link to the source: The Return of Team Fortress 2 and Other Suprises

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I have a great admiration for Astronomy, and one of the first “I wan’t to be when I grow ups” was an Astronomer. It was one of my longest running ones too. While I no longer want to be an Astronomer, I still enjoy it, and reading about the latest discoveries and just looking at pictures. I would like to get a new telescope too. Anyways, NASA has released images of Saturn and it’s moons taken by the Cassini probe. You can check out the image slideshow with detailed descriptions of each picture here.

You can find more information and pictures at these two links as well: Cassini-Huygens Home and Close Encounter with Saturn.

I realize this post is mostly links so I will spruce it up with the image of Saturn in its full with its natural colors, from the NASA/JPL website.

Saturn, Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

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Pee-wee’s Playhouse

Almost everyone, probably born before 1990, has heard of this TV Show. It you didn’t watch the show, you probably became familiar with it after the show’s actor, Paul Reubens, was arrested for his misadventure.

Anyways, Pee-wee’s Playhouse was a childrens program that ran during the late 80’s which follows the typical children’s show format: A main character does things while his friends drop by to do things with him and sometimes teach the viewers how to make things or tell the viewers educational tidbits. Despite it’s traditional formula, the show was incredibly quirky.

I’ll stop rambling here, and tell you upfront, that incase you didn’t know, Adult Swim has aquired syndication rights and now shows the program at 11pm Monday-Thursday, just starting for the first time yesterday (Monday). They haven’t announced how long they will run the series, but it will probably run for atleast as long as it takes to show every episode once. Adult Swim is the late night programming block on Cartoon Network. The official [AS] website has a page with clips from the show, if you have never seen it.

Pee-wee link

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