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New Interest

I didn’t post much about E3 this year. Basically, it is of my opinion that Nintendo had the best stuff during the show. Just check out the major game news websites. Now, my new interest which impeded into my keeping up with E3: World of Warcraft. I have fallen victim to this interdrug. The game seriosly is amazing, check it out if you haven’t already.


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Not E3 Related

I’ll probably post a lot of E3 related stuff over the next few days. I’ve already posted about Red Steel. This post is about some other stuff though. I bought the new Red Hot Chili Peppers CD today: Stadium Arcadium. It is incredible. If you liked By the Way, this CD is in the same style. It’s so awesome. I could keep talking but I’ll stop. Also, I don’t think I ever mentioned that I got back into reading comic books. I’ve been reading all sorts of comics. Some great ones I’ll reccomend if you read comics too are: Loveless, Painkiller Jane, Ms Marvel, and Sgt. Rock. I also picked up a new comic today called Hatter M. I haven’t read it other than what I skimmed through at the comic book store. It has something to do with the Alice in Wonderland series. TTFN!

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Red Steel

All I can say is watch the videos, especially the E3 2006 trailer. This is a game coming out for the Nintendo Wii (formerly Revolution). It will be amazing.

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Schools Out for the Summer!

Yep, done with another semester of college. That’s 4 down the drain. 4 to 5 more to go for me. Did great in my classes too. More importantly, I pre-ordered the upcoming Half-Life 2 expansion, I got The Godfather (game), and the Super Mario Bros. Super Show cartoon volume 1. Life is grand!

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