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The Chronicles of Mario Soccer

Two things this post: a movie and a game

The movie is The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. It was pretty good – pretty solid to the books. I liked it better than Lord of the Rings movie adaptation, probably because I never did get into Lord of the Rings. Aslan’s voice wasn’t booming enough. That was my only complaint.

As for the game-Super Mario Strikers. Its the newest Nintendo sports game with the Mario characters, soccer style. This is a great game to play with friends. Its fun to play alone too, but the game is actually pretty hard even on easy mode. Definately worthwhile if you and your friends like to play video games.


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Christmas Time is Here

The title of this post is to be sang to the tune of the song from Saturday Night Live.

Anyhow, not much is up. Like I’ve said, I’m squared to go to Georgia Southern in January. Finals for this semester is this coming week. I have two of them, and a paper. It should be fun.

Tonight is my first Saturday night off in 3 months. I’m just maxin and relaxin. Last night I saw Aeon Flux. A great movie – but don’t go for the action. Yeah sure there is action but the battles are quick so the action will satisfy you, but theres not enough if you were looking for a lot. The story is it’s main driving point. The story has little to nothing to do with the old cartoon from the 90s. The character names are the same and that is about it. So… that’s all I got for now. Lets see how this month plays out!

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