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saw saw

I forgot to mention I saw the first Saw on DVD and then went to see Saw 2 in the theaters. I liked the first one better. Friday night I saw Zathura. It was Jumanji minus Robin Williams, so if you only liked Jumanji because of Robin Williams, you wont like Zathura. Otherwise, it’s just as good. Not too much for me in the way of games. I want to pick up Final Fantasy 5 for GBA when it comes out. As for PSP I want Grand Theft Auto and SOCOM. I have the money to buy these games, the question is, do I want to spend it? Yeah, I want to spend it but I need the money for college. I’ll probably pick them up in a couple months after I’m already settled in at my new University.


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So Wilma stole my Website

My main man Justin who hosts my site lives in flordia, and Hurricane Wilma took his power, bringing down my site. Well, looks like my site is back up :). You guys didn’t miss much from my happenings.

I’ve been accepted into Georgia Southern University for Spring 06. Also, yesterday I got a tattoo. You can see a pic of what my tattoo looks like on the about page – but be wary that the image will change next time I update my webcam (whenever that may be) so if you look at this post at the end of the month, it probably won’t be my tattoo anymore.

The tattoo is the greek letter Phi, which is used to represent the Golden Ratio, aka 1.618. Read more about it here

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