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I see I haven’t updated my webcam in over a month. Not that it’s important… my appearance doesn’t change too much. In this picture I am sporting a St. Louis hat. I like the Cardinals and they are close to going to the World Series. Wednesday is game 6, but if the Cardinals do not win, the Astros will go to the World Series instead. After last nights game though, the Cardinals now have a home field advantage. The other team which is going to the World Series is the White Sox. They beat the Angels on Sunday night, confirming their presence.

As for games… still playing on Ultimate Spider-Man. I played some today… the last time I touched it was the 1st of this month. I’m still in the hole with money. I keep spending my paychecks in advance, meaning im not technically making any money. I owe myself 90 dollars, and this weeks check will only be about 70. Atleast I’m getting there.


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i have horrible money management

i owe myself like 70 or 80 dollars 😐

but it cant be my fault… maybe if work scheduled me more than one day a week 😦

hours are supposed to pick up i think… im only seasonal and the season hasnt really started yet.

after i get my paycheck tomorrow i will only owe myself about 50 bucks. but still, geez. at this rate it will take me another two weeks to pay myself back on THAT 50 bucks.

i noticed the last time i posted was on september 11th. i didnt even mention it or anything, so i guess, 9/11 never forget?

maybe i will update this more

with ramblings

and selfish thoughts.

just maybe.

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why do i post this stuff?

i bought twilight zone volume 3 and a simon and garfunkel greatest hits. why do i always post about things like this? perhaps its to give my readers (all zero of them) a good idea of what my tastes are so when i write opinionated stuff, they have a better idea of who i am and why i developed that opinion. yep.

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Is this a new month I smell?

Yes, and it’s October. So what do we have? Well not so recently I saw the Exorcism of Emily Rose. It’s not scary by a long shot, but it’s still pretty interesting, considering the whole ‘based off of true events’ deal and it’s just pretty cool. I don’t know, I just find the Catholic rite of exorcism pretty neat.

Also there is a new game I bought, and it’s called Ultimate Spider-Man. It’s like playing a comic book. It’s fun! And I’m pretty sure that I didn’t mention that Valve (creators of the Half-Life franchise) recently released Day of Defeat Source. It’s the Source Engine upgrade like Counter-Strike had.

Well, I don’t know how much posting I’ll be doing. I’m trying not to buy so much junk, as I want to be able to live comforatable if I move to Statesboro to go to Georgia Southern. Yeah yeah yeah. Later.

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