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More Happenings

I forgot to mention, I work at KB Toys again (third year running :O ) also today I bought 2 more CDs – the first Transplants CD and Rush – Moving Pictures. That is all.


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Recent Happenings

Lots of school been going on, tests and all that jazz. I bought Reno 911 season 2 a while back and already watched it all. I ordered the Dorothy from McFarlane’s Twisted Land of Oz and it finally came today. Also on the toy front, I bought some little FF7 figurines from some Japanese store in the mall.

On the music front, I bought 2 used CDs yesterday from the Media Play – Wallflowers (forget album name) but the one with One Headlight… it might be the only Wallflowers CD for all I know. It’s a good though. Also I bought the Orgy CD – Candyass. This is their first CD which came out all the way back in 1998. I was listining to Limp Bizkit – Significant Other and that got me reminiscing about my middle school days. The Orgy CD is alright. I bought it for the 2 singles that came on the radio back in the day, but the other songs are okay too. I was looking for a used Slim Shady LP but they only had one edited one, and the brand new copies were 17 bucks. Thats probably the last CD I want to get to cover my middle school music days.

Thats all I got for now. Happy Autumn.

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That’s right, I got a PSP and the last entry was posted from its web browser. I got 2 games, Darkstalkers and Twisted Metal. They are both really fun games.

In addition to those, I bought 2 DVDs I forgot to mention: Simpsons season 6 and Sealab season 3. Yeep.

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I got a psp and im posting from it!

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I was hoping to get a lot of work done on my uncle’s website this weekend, but it turns out I spent a lot of time hangin with my friends. Friday night we saw Transporter 2. I never saw the first one, but don’t think I had to to understand this one. The movie was good for an action flick but it was still kind of lacking. Saturday night we didn’t hang out but I slowly began to want a PSP over a DS thanks to my friend Berto. Sunday night we hung out again, as Brandon pointed out on the entry before this. Today I cashed my check for some good monies. I also updated my room pictures. Go to my about page and click the web cam picture of me and it will take you to a gallery of my room.

Oh yeah, on Friday I got my replacement AC adapter. I unlocked all the chars in MK: Deadly Alliance. I loaded up Resident Evil 3 in my GameCube. I was hooked on it until my friends wanted to hang out again on Sunday. I might start playing that again intermintently, or however that word is spelled. I’m still up in the air about a DS or a PSP, but I think I’m gonna get a DS. I will probably wind up getting both systems in the long run, regardless of which one I buy first.

Oh yeah, and then lik-sang, probably the most famous import website for games, has a bunch of Super Famicons, original GameBoys, and old promotional keychains for sale that Nintendo of China found in their warehouse. I bought a Mario Kart keychain and a Mario Bros keychain. Check out the site here: old school gaming buys

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I’ve been affected by the hurricane. Only very slightly though. My sympathy goes out to those who have really been affected. As for me, I bought my domain name from DirectNIC, who is based in New Orleans. If they lose their internet, my domain name might stop working… I’m not sure how nameservers work. My site will still be up though, it will just have to be accessed through Opious’s website.

Here is a link on DirectNIC’s website where you can find information about the Louisiana situation: There is a link to a livejournal which is frequently updated, and some pictures. Also, it seems SomethingAwful has gone down because they are hosted by DirectNIC, and they need a lot of the bandwith from SA. So if you regular that site, looks like you’ll be without it for a while.

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