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Media Added!

First of all, I finally updated the about section which was pretty outdated.

And now, there is finally some new media on this site! All three entries are audio mp3s. The media section was also redisgned. Here is a break down of each sample:

Untitled – I was using a beat making program. I wasn’t sure how to use it at first. I think this was my first successful attempt, even though it is still horrible.

Untitled 2 – With this one I had more confidence, so it is a little longer. It still isn’t very good though. I thought the program was pretty hard to use, so I deleted it after making this second sample.

Twilight Zone DVD – On some of the Twilight Zone DVDs there is like a little video segment that shows characters and their hallmark lines from the more popular TZ episodes. I ripped the audio because I thought it was pretty cool. I didn’t mix it or compose it myself, I just ripped it, and am sharing it with the world!

That’s it. I am still going to be tweaking around a bit. One thing you will notice soon are two buttons down near the copyright information. There may be other tweaks also. I’ll post if anything major changes.


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Thanks, and Grimm

Thanks B, I’ll have to swing by and check it out on your onDemand because I don’t have it at my house. (For those of you that don’t know, Cromartie High is the best thing to come out of Japan)

Also, I saw The Brother’s Grimm today. It was nice – It is similar to Shrek in that it plays off of fairy tales (of course in the Brothers Grimm it is off of their fairy tales). Go check it out. Another movie of interest, during the previews I saw a preview for Aeon Flux (Is that how it’s spelled?) Looks to be an awesome movie.

In final news, I’m still tinkering around with the site design.

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Redesign and Tweak

As you can see I redesigned my website, and made a few tweaks to the existing content that you won’t notice. Also, the text image is a PNG, so if you are using IE, the background color for the pic will be skewed, but that is an IE problem, so use Firefox!

Speaking of Firefox, my Internet professor (taking the class for an easy A) taught the class the IE browser interface as well as the Firefox browser interface!

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First Week

The first week was okay, all my classes are mint except for my psychology class, which basically sucks. If it starts sucking too much, I’ll probably drop it. I need to apply to Georgia Southern so I can try and go there in the spring.

I saw Red Eye last night, the new Wes Craven movie. It was set up extremely well, the middle of the movie was great, but the end of the movie was meh. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as good as the beginning and end.

As far as video games go, I’ve been playing NBA Jam for SNES, which you can’t really beat, it’s just a pick up and play game.

Other than NBA Jam, I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat: Deception again. I’ve unlocked all the characters now, but I still need to beat the game with everyone.


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Summer coming to an End

I just finished Final Fantasy II. On the GBA version, they added an extra side quest after you beat the game. I did _NOT_ enjoy playing FF2 enough to play MORE of it. FF1 on the other hand is a very great game. Also I got a stain on my FF1+2 label so it has become a black sheep in my book. The boss was easier than I thought, especially since I did not think I was trained up too well. I’m glad I got it done before the semester starts this Monday because then I would of had no motivation to play the game any longer. The next game on my list, of course, is Majora’s Mask. I also have Megaman and Bass docked in my GBA to play whenever I feel like it. That is until I get Pokemon Emerald, which I WILL get when I get the money.

Some of you may know that I collect toys also. I still need Twisted Land of Oz Dorothy (no problem on eBay) and the new Fairy Tales line (which is still in stores, but not for long) so I need to hurry and get a job to buy my luxeries. I have an application in at Home Depot and I need to turn an application in to a camera store. We’ll see how things turn out. I don’t think I’ll post before the semester starts unless I see a movie or beat a game (both unlikely) and then after my first day of classes I think I’ll post on how it went. Then after that I won’t be posting much unless I see a movie or get a game or CD (as when I usually update). That’s it for now, guys.

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road trip

we just got back last night. on the trip i bought two gameboy games to pass the time: midway arcade classics (its only fun if you play it for like a minute at a time, but its something to do when you need a break from a storyline game). i also bought megaman and bass. that game is haaaaard. also, i am still playing final fantasy 2. from what i can tell, i have two dungeons left, and one of them is really short. i should beat it before i start the semester on monday.

we drove straight back from long island – taking I95 all the way south. we stopped a few times for gas, but our “big stop” were a quick breakfast at a rest center thing that had a burger king in it. the next stop was in virginia in a town called spotsylvania. it was awesome – they had a mall with an EB games, a Gamestop, a Sam Goody, and a SunCoast. In addition to the mall, there was a BestBuy, a Wal-Mart, and a Circuit City. The final big stop was at the notorious South of the Border in South Carolina (right at the North Carolina border). That place sucks, and we all already knew it because we’ve been there plenty of times on other various trips, but we stopped there because it has novelty value. then it was all the way home to savannah.

while IN long island, we went to a pretty cool arcade called Jillians (every game was way over priced though) and went fishing, and ate New York pizza, and New York bagels. Mostly hung around the house. it was good times for all.

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another post before i leave

i saw devil’s rejects today. man that movie suuuuuucked. i wont go into detail except that it was lame. the story was lame, dialogue was lame. and if the movie was SUPPOSED to be lame, thats even lamer. also, the BK chicken fries value meal is not worth 4.50. they are good and all but ill stick to the whopper value meal for 4 bucks. if you stack the 9 chicken fries on eachother, they are about half the size of a whopper, so that means you are getting half a meal for 50 cents extra

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