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Movies and Magic

I do want to elaborate a little further on Batman. Half the movie is him becoming Batman, but it doesn’t feel wasted at all. After all this movie is supposed to be about his “origins” so it’s all good and all great.

I saw Charlie and the Choclate Factory last night. I really enjoyed it. It was excellent. The only thing I didn’t like about it were the Oompa Loompa songs… they were gutwrenching… truly god aweful. But other than that, A+++ movie, would watch again.

And then theres the magic. That’s right. I bought Harry Potter 6 last night at midnite. It’s the Half-Blood Prince. I’m already on page 120ish. I like Harry Potter, so what. It reads easily, and since I’m not too big on reading, this series is perfect for me.

That is all.


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Batman Begins

Finally saw it. Been wanting to. Glad I did. The best batman movie ever. A really good movie in general. Go see it. The Dark Knight returns.

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another dream

i dont know what is up with my dreams.

so im with 3 other guys, i dont know who they were but in my dream apparently we were best friends. we were in the ghetto or something at a basketball court and i dont remember what happened but the cops picked us up and put us in an interegation room. we were just standing around until one of the cops came up to me and said “harrison im sorry to inform you but you are HIV positive” and he told everyone else they were too. i was like WTF and started getting angry slamming doors and throwing shit. then one of the other guys admitted to having AIDS all along. one of the other guys got real mad and started yelling at him and shit and i looked at the guy that already had AIDS and i was like look man im pissed off too but i cant hate you you are a real good friend and then he tried to kiss me but i pushed him off (i guess since he had AIDS he was gay? my mind is stereotypical -_-) i dont know how we got AIDS from him but apparently thats how we got ours. then the guy that was flipping out to the guy who had AIDS was like im the only one here who didnt already have AIDS and i was like neither did I and he was like oh yeah? and i was like yeah i never had sex and he was like what about drugs and i was like nope, and he was like youve never done drugs? and i was like well i smoked weed once but that was it and hes like oh. then we were released and my parents were there and we had to go to a wedding. it was my uncles wedding (who is already married now, but just got married in september) but the wedding was in like a courthouse or something. i told my parents i didnt get them a wedding present, so i ran to the corner store real quick. i came back and showed my parents the presents i got them. one was a spoon that was about 5 feet long. the other one was the mask of Loki as seen from the movie “The Mask”. i also bought a bunch of coutnerfeit DVD’s but those were for us. (i remember some of the movies i listed to my parents in the dream were that bubba ho-tep mummy movie, superman 1, batman 1, some jet li movie, a couple tom cruise movies including top gun 3) after that my dream suddenly changed. i was in the house we lived in about 7 years ago. i “woke up” and had to piss real bad. i went to the bathroom and it seemed like i was pissing for a long time. then i heard my parents talking and i checked it was 4 am. they were in the kitchen so i went there and my dad was going to go train some hunting dogs or something. i told my mom “did i ever tell you about my dream where i was diagnosed with HIV? i wonder what that was all about”

and then i woke up for real

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I made a horrible, horrible mistake

So I wake up this morning from a bizarre dream about technology because I feel something tickle me and fear it is la cukaracha. I take a shower and decide its time to eat some food. I ate TWO glroious peanut butter and banana sandwhich. The mistake? I POURED COKE INSTEAD OF MILK. THIS TASTES HORRIBLE

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some thoughts

I was just thinking. So many people claim that Star Wars Epsidoe I was terrible. A travesty to the original films. Well, for being a film that a lot of people claim not to like, it sure is the 5th top grossing film of all time. In fact, it has grossed more than all of the other Star Wars films, new and old, except for the original 1977 A New Hope (2nd top grossing film ever). I also find it funny that Episodes II and III grossed more than the remaining two Star Wars out of the original trilogy. Episode III grossed more than II though, which makes sense, on the account that a lot more people seem to like it. Shouldn’t III beat out I also though? I mean if so many people claim to not like I. Episode III only has a couple of more weeks to gross 60 million more dollars to beat out Episode I, and I don’t think that is going to happen. Maybe the reason Episode I grossed so much was because it was the first chapter in a story that millions of people know and love. Maybe it was because it came to theaters twice (in the summer and again around christmas time). But if people didn’t like this, then why would they have went to go see it so many times? Did they decide they didn’t like it in retrospect? That’s dumb. People are dumb. Stop complaining. Star Wars is awesome.

box office souce: link

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War of the Worlds

All I am going to say is that Steven Spielberg let me down. It was a good summer blockbuster, but we all know that summer blockbusters, when you get down to it, aren’t that good (TERMINATOR 3)

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Plans Change

What a way to kick off the summer. I didn’t stick to my original game plan at all from back in May. I just beat Final Fantasy today. Next up is Final Fantasy II. Then it’s Zelda Majora’s Mask. I hope. Yep.

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