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House Arrest

Still bound to my home. I COULD go walking on this brutal monstsore, but it would be painful and unnecessary. I have to walk on it tomorrow though – but it’s to go see the prosthetic leg man, so it could help me. Since I’ll be on my leg tomorrow, I think I’ll go see BATMAN!!! Need to check it out before it leaves theatres.


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My stupid sore it hurts me so. I walk on it anyways though, which doesn’t make it better. It’s just so damn boring around here, I would rather risk the health of my leg than be bored around here. I saw Land of the Dead sunday night. It was pretty good I guess, I’ve never been into Zombie movies. Tomorrow I’ll probably go out again.

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Games of the Summer

So I did “beat” FF4 before leaving Russia… I am having trouble with the last boss though as I have always had with FF games (FF6, 7, 9…) so I consider myself done with it until a rainy day when I want to try the boss again. I started on Mario vs Donkey Kong while in Russia. I just beat it, except the bonus levels you can unlock. I’ll save those for a rainy day too. My friend Brandon expressed an interest in wanting to play FF9 when he came over for a bit yesterday. So for some reason I decided to drag myself three hours into the game. I need to be playing games I haven’t played through yet though. While FF9 is still fun I need to move on to my Final Fantasy I and II for GBA. Then, after that, I need to hit up Zelda Wind Waker or Metroid Prime. I’m contemplating not running through Wind Waker before Twilight Princess comes out because as I’ve said, I’ve already beat it but with a group of people. Instead I will play Majora’s Mask which I started a little bit on before I left. But first I am anxious to play the Final Fantasy games. That should last me until the new semester start, as with this bad sore I have, I probably won’t be going out too much.

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Books and Music and Movies

Did I say I finished Dante’s Inferno? If not, I did. Also in case I forgot, I read the first two Sin City novels. Now what I KNOW I didn’t mention was I read V for Vendetta because I wanted to see what the real story was like as I heard the Wachowski brothers aren’t being true to it in the script they are adapting. I also read Da Vinci code while in Russia. It was a pretty interesting book. I started reading Ovid’s The Metamorphoses. I doubt I will finish it before the new Harry Potter comes out.

I got the new White Stripes CD today. It is more like Elaphant than the first 3. It’s still good though, I love it. White Stripes is still my favorite band.

I just got home from Land of the Dead. I have never been into Zombie movies, I have never seen the other Romero movies, but I did see the Dawn of the Dead remake. I thought that was ok. I think Land of the Dead was a lot better. My favorite Zombie movie is still 28 Days Later though, followed by the two Resident Evil movies (which I mainly only like because I’m a huge fan of the video games).

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So I left Atlanta Airport thursday June 2nd but arrive in Moscow on the 3rd because of time zones. That night we went to the circus. Ok this is going to take a long time so I will get a lot of time out of the way by saying I went to see a lot of churches in Moscow, and went to 3 surrounding towns to see churches, including Vladmir where we stayed the night at a hotel on my birthday and I proceded to have a few drinks. The other surrounding towns were Souzdal, and Sergeiv Pasad.

I’ve ridden the Metro a lot… the Moscow subway system. It’s fun to be crammed up against foreign strangers. Watch out wallet! I happened to be walking by the unveiling of a new monument of Alexander II. It was neat. I went to Red Square which houses St. Basils – that church that many people mistaking call the Kremlin. The Kremlin is actually adjacent to red square and is a walled fortress that houses the capital buildings. It was built back in the Czar days. Almost every Russian town has a Kremlin. Also, I went to the Kremlin – the one in Moscow is huge and I didn’t get to see all of it. Back to Red Square – they also keep Lenin’s body perserved in a mosoleum there and I saw him. Behind his Mosoleum, a lot of important Russian political leaders, including Stalin, have a grave. Krushev is about the only one not burried there, he is in Novadichy cemetary, where I also went. It is like the cemetary for really rich people.

I’ve gone to Izhmalava park a few times, its like a flea market. Bought most of my souveniers theres. Went to a few misc museums in Moscow also. This weekend (Friday – Monday) we went to St. Petersburg. Friday night we took a sleeper train (8 hour ride) and arrive Saturday morning. Went to Cathrine the Great’s Palace. on Sunday we went to Peter the Great’s Palace and St. Isaacs Cathedral, and the Hermitage which is like the Louvre of Russia. On Monday we went to St. Peter and Paul Fortress – which is an island fortress in St. Petersburg and houses most if not all of the old Romanov tsars. We took the sleeper train back on Monday night and in Tuesday we didn’t do anything, and today my cousins went out but I stayed at my grandparents home here in Moscow. I had a sore at the end of my nub (I wear prosthetics in case you didn’t know) that I had before coming, and after 3 weeks of walking it got pretty bad. When I come back home tomorrow night, I am gonna take it easy until classes start back in August.

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So I go to my friend Jay’s and me and his brothers get a little drunk. I guess I was dozing in and out because I come to my senses and my face is all minty. I go to the bathroom and I have blue lines all over it and my hair is sticky. I reckon it was toothpaste. I didn’t care and I still don’t care (I just got home). Boys will be boys, I always say.

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Super Happy Funtime Long Post

I think my taste in clothes changed when I was in Russia. I bought two polo shirts from the gap tonight.

I decided that The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is one of my favorite cartoons ever, up there with Sheep in the Big City

Like I said I would, I got back from Russia on Thursday night. I unpacked and went to bed. Yesterday I hung out with Jay and Brandon, and like I mentioned previously I got some new shirts. I should be taking it easy on the walking though, I got a nasty blister that makes me limp and it wont heal up quickly if I keep walking on it, but my home is so boring. I am going to hang out with Jay, Brandon, Mike and his girlfriend later today. I could go over and hang out with Jay right now. Mike gets off in a couple hours I think, but Brandon wont get off for a while. I think I will call their house right now and get the low down. I need to go do something.

I think I want to join one of those there rating communities. Chris, why don’t you suggest some to me.

Also, yesterday at the mall, we went to tilt to play the game that we always waste like 10 bucks on trying to win a Nintendo DS. There was a new chick working there who looked pretty cute. But there was something about here, where it was kind of hard to tell how old she was. It’s like she could of been aged anywhere from 20 to 35. I put a quarter in a ticket game and wone 10 tickets, and went up to the counter. This was solely just so I could have a reason to engage talking to her. She said I wouldn’t like the cheesey 10 ticket items and asked if I wanted the 25 ticket nerd candies. She pulled out a blue one and asked if I wanted blue or red. I naturally said red. Jay said we need to go back today because she will remember us now and now we can go to the next level of hooking up with chicks at tilt (tilt is the mall arcade). It’s not that she floored us or anything, I’m just lookin for a gal to be with.

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