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well then

i really need to stop forgetting about livejournal… or stop remembering it…

anyways, i finished my freshman year of college i guess. and i leave for russia on thursday for 3 weeks. i was in a student film for a friend who goes to SCAD (savannah college of art and design). apparently the professor who is a hardass liked it and even commented on my performance. i never considering acting, and probably never will. no one will even read this entry. i dont have LJ friends anymore except my good bud chris and this cool chick enprise who i haven’t talked to in forever but she seems to still have me as a friend, and the community i’ve been a member of ever since i started LJ but stopped contributing to soon after when i stopped paying attention to LJ. i will put some purpose into thise entry. a few days ago i wrote something i am ashamed of. it made me feel emo, even as i was writing it, but i felt like i had to write it. i had to wash the feeling out of my system and thats exactly what i did, so im glad i did it, even though im not proud of it. this is also the kind of stereotypical thing that belongs on livejournal. here it is.

“I’m writing this with the fervor of a mad man. A man mad with love. Not even a man. A boy becoming a young man. Already suffering from the tragedy of love. Better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all. Old adage, you never applied. For love was denied before it had a chance to be misplaced. This is written in the stream of conscience. No thinking back. No thinking forward. Can this chicken scratch be read later? Doesn’t matter. The emotion stays the same and the meaning is eternal. This burst of passionate writing can be recreated tomorrow, today, yesterday. I almost forgot. Who can forget? You can’t forget an angel. Angel is an understatement. She’s a goddess. Physical descriptions need not apply but for those who care: dark hair, short–5 feet? The definition of hips. Her face is the reflection of perfect. Theres no lust, or is there? She’s hot. Some would agree, most would agree. But no one goes for her. I can assume one reason, she’s too good–too smart. Too headstrong, too brilliant. Her knowledge equals her beauty. I admired her before I knew her. Before I knew anyone who knew her. Fate would draw me to know her. Goddamn fate. Goddamn it. I didn’t plan to know her. We had common acquaintances. We eventually knew each other casually. I liked her, I knew her–but not her friend. DAMN FRIENDSHIP. The year goes. I’m a year older than her and I’m graduating. I never make a move; she’s too good for me. I graduate. I think about her for a month. I can’t stop it. It’s not easy to forget. She’s my best friend’s neighbor. I still can’t miss her. I don’t care. I’m not afraid of rejection. One day I approach her. She’s perfect. Why why why? Why! I’ve wanted to ask her for so long. Just to hang out. Now I ask her. She’s smart. She senses my priorities. No, she says. We’re friends, she says. Doesn’t want to make it weird, she says. DAMN IT. I’m not her friend! I hate her and I love her. She takes the easy way out. I hate her and I love her. She doesn’t hurt me but she hurts me. The easy way out. I’m disappointed and thankful. I move on. I’m free. Free from her spell. 11 months–I see her again. I ignore her. I have to. I hate her. But I still love her. She is a goddess. She is the devil. I can never have her. She deserves better and we both know it. I take the easy way out. I give up. I give in. I remember her and I hate her. And I love her. Goddamn me.”


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Russia is Real

I am leaving for Russia on Thursday. It is a reality. I’ll probably make another entry before then though.

So I got the new Gorillaz CD, it’s jammin but I like the first one better.

As for the Zelda situation, I booted up the original, and the second one and I can not just stomach them. I just do not have the patience to play them. The second one isn’t even a traditional Zelda game it is like an RPG complete with leveling up. The first one is just so primative, I know it was great for it’s time, while I never beat it I would still mess around with it when I was little. But in today’s time, I just cannot stommach it. Instead I busted the Sims 2 back out and have been playing it but I think I got my fill so I’ll be putting that on a hiatus again. Other than Sims 2, I went back to playing Final Fantasy IV (II on the SNES, which is the version I have). I have gotten really far. I plan on beating it before Thursday. As far as getting back to Zelda, I started on Majora’s Mask and It is fun so I will get back to it when I get back home at the end of June. The only games I’ll have with me in Russia are my GameBoy games and the only one of those I haven’t beaten yet are Mario vs Donkey Kong… so I will probably be playing a lot of that.

Tonight I go to a viewing of a student film I was in. I’ve already seen it and persoanlly I think it was brilliant. The screening tonight is for everyone who was involved including people like the extras (I was the primary actor). That’s all I got for now.

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After beating Minish Cap I went to Link to the Past. I forgot how much I did before I stopped playing it for whatever reason. I don’t remember why I put it down. Anyways I left it off at getting the second crystal. Now I just beat the game. That’s another one off the belt. I have no interest in getting/playing/beating Four Swords Adventures and Oracle of Ages/Seasons. The former because it is hard for me to get that many people interested in Zelda, much less video gaming, together, and the later because the two are interlinked and to beat it all the way you need both and I have no interest in doing that. Also I don’t like how older GB games stick so far out of the GBA 🙂
Good thing I already beat Link’s Awakening. A couple summers ago I beat the Master Quest version of Ocarina of Time, and I have been part of beating regular Ocarina of Time a lot of times so I have that one layed to rest too. While I was part of beating Wind Waker, I missed a lot of stuff on my own because of playing it with other people so I need to play that myself. I’m going to save Wind Waker for last, hopefully getting it beat BEFORE the new one, Twilight Princess comes out this Novemberish.

So the games left are

  • The Legend of Zelda (sadly, I never beat it)
  • Adventure of Link (I really don’t like this game and have never even atempted it past the first 10 minutes but I will drag myself to it now)
  • Majora’s Mask
  • and, of course, Wind Waker!

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The Brothers Pete

I bought the Pete and Pete season 1 DVD the other day, I forgot how awesome it is. It has the first 8 episodes, 4 specials, and 2 shorts. There were 3 seasons in all. Nickelodean says that if this, and the Clarissa Explains It All season 1 sell well, they will release more old nick shows. I would personally love Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Also, I bought the new System of a Down CD. It’s waaaay better than there others, and I would personally rate it as one of my favorite CDs in general. It’s awesome. It’s kind of different from their path stuff, but its easily recognizable as theirs.

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Revenge of the Sith

I’ve seen it twice already. The midnight showing, and just now. You know I don’t like to ruin stuff but I will say this, the movie is


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First, I just beat Minish Cap 🙂

Now, in more GameBoy news, Nintendo revealed yet ANOTHER iteration of the GameBoy Advance:

Yeah it looks awesome, but its a bad move. I’d love to have one of these but I’m not gonna get one and neither is most of the rest of the world. Why? Everyone already owns a GBA SP, and if they don’t own an SP, they own the regular GBA. And if they don’t own a GBA/SP, they own a DS which can also play GBA games. The GBA Micro is like a novelty item. Only the most diehard of diehard Nintendophiles will get one if they already have one of the previous iterations, the spoiled rich kids will get one because their parents are rich and will buy them whatever they want even if it means going bankrupt, and the one ore two people living in central Montana that don’t have one yet will get one. That’s a very small market. It’s not any more powerful than the GBA currently is – it’s the same thing, just very small and cool looking. I hope Nintendo realizes their sales won’t boom with this gem.

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Nintendo also revealed that using Revolution’s new Wi-Fi connection, gamers would be able to go online to a free gamer-matching service. Interestingly, in a move similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service, Revolution users will be able to download classic and new Nintendo games over the Internet. Nintendo cited such examples as Donkey Kong and Super Mario Sunshine, which suggests that Revolutionaries could have access to games for all the publisher’s previous consoles.


I. Can’t. Wait.

Heres more images.

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