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forgot to mention i saw Kung Fu Hustle last week. It was great, funny, action packed. It’s subtitled though. Go see it if you are into action and comedy.
Now for the real point of this post. I just saw Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I just made a post about it on a forum I regular, so I am going to copy/paste what I said. Here it is:

just got back from seeing it. ill say that there were several things different from the book but several thigns were also the close to the book, or verbatim from the book. i wont say whats different because it will ruin the suprise but things that are the same include the missles turning into a whale and a flower pot. so is the dolphins last message being misinterpruted, and the vogon poetry deal.

the things that were different, werent so different either. the movie has the same gist as the book so the differences arent that important.

as for retaining the same humor from the book: meh. the parts that were funny in the book were funny in the movie, but, i think they were poorly executed in the movie.

i dont think douglas adams is rolling in his grave over this movie. sure its not 100% true but they didnt butcher it into something completly different. the premesis is the same and thats all thats important

as for how the movie ended, they didnt leave you hanging, but at the same time they left it open for a sequel. i think disney did this because based on how well the movie does, they may or may not make “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”


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schools almost out for the summer!

Okay, so today I turned in a reserach paper, one that I thought was going to destroy my life, but when I started doing it, it turned out to be a lot easier than I though. I wrote my paper as a historical approach to the Duke and the wars against the Turks in Shakespeare’s Othello. The paper isn’t even due until Tuesday, so professor said she will look over it and if theres a problem, she will e-mail me. This weekend I have to read a book called “First They Killed My Father” which is about the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. I then have to write a paper about the book, which is due Wednesday. On Monday I have a test in one of my glasses. That is it for school until the following Monday when I have my Chemistry final, and that Tuesday when I have an in-class paper which counts as my English final. Then I will be done with school until mid August.

On a note about me playing Super Mario World 2, I beat it. The next game I need to beat is Final Fantasy II. I also have Mario vs Donkey Kong and Zelda: Minish Cap which I bought a few months ago on GBA. I will bring those to Russia with me and will probably beat them on the plane flights, along with my reading. Well, thats all for now.

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Resident Evil completed

MY MISSION IS COMPLETE. I recently purchased Resident Evil 3 for GameCube off of eBay (a brand new copy). I thought I would never see the day, especially since they were going for over a 100 dollars for a few months on eBay. I snagged one for 30 bucks (still cheap since the game is rare).

I’ve been filming for the past week. Me and some guys are doing a student film and I’m playing the main character. We are almost done, just two scenes left that we will film this Saturday.

This is the last week of school, and next week is finals. Among crap I have to do: An Othello paper due the 3rd, a paper about Pol Pot due the 4th, an exam THIS wednesday, another exam this thursday, an exam next monday (the 2nd), and then on the 9th I have another exam and on the 10th I have to write an in class paper. Then I am done with the Spring semester. In June I still plan on going to Russia.

It’s been a while since I’ve commented on my video gaming – I beat the first Myst last Saturday, played it all afternoon. Recently I’ve been playing Yoshi’s Island on the SNES. I never beat it back in the day, so that’s what I’m out to do now.

I put all of my reading on halt because of the hectic school schedule. I’m about 3/4ths through Dante’s Inferno which I started reading back in February. I haven’t read my Screenwriting for Dummies since November. And then theres the Sin City books I ordered but haven’t had time to touch yet. I will be doing some heavy reading after this week. And then the plane trip in Russia should allow me some reading, because I also have my Resident Evil novelizations on backlog.

And on the toy front, I think I forgot to mention I got two mini Hellsing figures – an Alucard and an Anderson. All I’m looking for now is a Dorothy from Twisted Land of Oz and I’m done with toys until I get a job again. I hope I won’t miss out on the Monsters 4 sereis though, because figures go through a limited run, and I don’t know if they’ll still be out when I get a job.

Well, this was a lenghty post but it was a long awaited one. See ya, gang.

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no pics this time

My parents took the camera with them when they went out of town this weekend, but I got the “She-Spawn” figure, and two mini Hellsing figures, one of Alucard and one of Anderson. Aside from my toy escapades, I bought the Myst 10th Anniversary
Collection which includes the first 3 Mysts. I never played the second two but the first one is awesome. Well, that’s all I got. Things are looking good for Russia this June. I didn’t go last Summer but I’m going this Summer. Ok, later.

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toys and movies

Okay, in the line of toys; yesterday I picked up my “Wizard” (twisted land of oz set) from the post office because I wasn’t home Thursday to recieve it. Today, my Flying Monkeys from the same line just arrived. Now I am just short Dorothy of the entire Twisted Land of Oz set.

Now, for the movie part. SIN CITY! Holy Crap, go see it. Go see it. This movie is bodacious at the least. I mean, mind blow. I was raving about Kill Bill last year, but this year, I mean, Sin City just tops it. If you need a movie to compare it to, think Pulp Fiction. But then take everything about Pulp Fiction and make it into a comic book. That is a REALLY dumbed down comaprison. It’s hard to explain this movie because there has NEVER been anything like it. It is more than just a comic book adaptation. It is a moving, living comic book on screen.

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