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as the forums would call it. small + haul = smaul.

I got 2 new mcfarlane figures today, Toto from Monsters 2 (Twisted Land of Oz) and Manga She-Spawn from Reborn series 1. Im still expecting 2 more figures, one due any day (probably tomorrow) and the second just got shipped.


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twisted tales of oz

^ is one of the coolest sets from mcfarlane toys. it came out a few years ago and i missed out, but i just got 3 of the figures for 25 bucks altogether. that just leaves 4 more, but one of those for – the very rare flying monkeys – are so expensive i will probably never get them.

And a bought 3 other toys today, two from the newest spawn 27 series, and the warthog from halo.

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Alright team, as you all know project get McFarlane Movie Maniacs Edward Scissorhands from eBay a couple days ago was a success. I would also like to report that Mission Final Fantasy II was completed when the parcel arrived yesterday afternoon.

This just in: Bravo team has just returned with their target, Clone Wars: Volume 1. They described the event that followed as glorious. Over and out.

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New Flash

I actually made this a few days ago but I haven’t posted about it yet. He’s a character named Captain Zippy and likes to do stuff 🙂

I don’t know if I will do more, even though it says episode 1 at the end.


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Finish Him!

I bought the latest Mortal Kombat at the end of last week. MK: Deception, which just came out last week for GameCube. It came out on the other two systems a few months ago. GameSpy doesn’t seem to like this game, but I love it. I am a diehard MK fan though. Think of MK Deadly Alliance, but with the addition of everything it lacked. Good times, good times.

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doing better in virtual college

i bought sims 2 university expansion pack yesterday. i made 3 college characters, stuck them in a dorm, and have been going through their college career while they interact with 6 other AI dorm mates. i made it to the senior year with them already. the game is pretty addictive just like the sims is supposed to be. theres not much mess around time in the university expansion though because if you want to make As for your sims you have to keep them doing their work and they have term papers every semester and you also have to build up their different skills so they can do better in class.

i also quit my job today. i dont know if i ever mentioned getting a job but i got one back in mid january at a furniture store assembling and moving furniture. well, i wear prosthetics and it gets sweaty in those fake legs and one of my nubs got a nasty sore that stings when i try to walk. so im taking time off fromw orking until it heals back up nice and good. then im gonna go back to work in retail. looks like i cant do labor.

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