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more meds/edia

got another old modest mouse cd – builing something out of nothing, and the first gorillaz CD with the hip fly clint eastwood song.

i also saw constantine today. k. reeves is a good actor i think. it was the last two matrix’s that sucked, not him. he did great as constantine. that shia lebouf cat, the brother from even stevens, was in it too. hes a pretty good actor i think too. hes been in quite a bit of movies the last couple years. i wouldnt mind seeing a movie that actually starred him, and wasnt holes, not that i dont like holes, ive never even seen holes, but im talking about serious roles here, not kid movies.


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the twilight

i bought twilight zone collection 2 for 40 bux (walmart $$) and pink floyd – dark side of the moon. for the record, the album and wizard of oz do match up with certain things

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3 CDs

Rush – 2112. Wanted to hear some progressive rock. It rocks 🙂

And I bought two older Modest Mouse CDs – lonesome croweded west and a long drive for someone with nothing to think about (i think they are called). So anyhow, yup. Later:O

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bang for the buck

i got 3 new books today, novelizations of the RE games. I already had the books of RE1 and RE2, now I have for RE3, RECode Veronica, and RE0. I also bought two new GBA games: Mario vs Donkey Kong and LoZ Minish Cap. I spend too much money:

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I am so sick and tired of everyone trying to please everyone these days. There is such thing as black and white you know. Some things just simply are, while others aren’t. This is something a lot of people are forgetting and are trying to make everything go in more than one direction. Example, and basis of this rant:

First things first: I have nothing wrong with gay people. Infact, one of my best friends is gay. But, and this is what a lot of people start to take offense at: Being gay is NOT NORMAL. Period. I leave it at that. But a lot of people jump to conclusions right there. Why? Because like I said, people want to please everyone. “Oh you gay basher! How can you say gay people aren’t normal?! They are people to you terrible person!!!” – thats what it seems like 70% of America would say these days. That is a 100% ignornat thing to say too. Why? Because abnormal does not mean bad, it does not imply bad. It simply means that it isnt exactly what it says it isnt, its not normal. Being gay is not normal. To make this really clear: I am not saying being gay is wrong. I am not saying being gay is evil. All I am saying, and all I have ever said, is that it is not normal. Now if you are still a shallow person who likes to please everyone, let me compare this to something else. I, Harrison Wallace, do not have feet. My legs were underdeveloped. This is a birth condition. My legs are not normal. I am not normally developed. Therefore, I am not normal. Does this make me a bad person? Does this make me evil? No, it sure doesn’t. Now take that and go back to the gay example. A person is born gay. Does that mean they are bad? No. Does that mean they are evil? No. They aren’t normal though. And that’s all I mean by that. And this is the truth. The reason for this rant is because the issue of homosexuality came up on a forum and I said it’s not normal and everyone immediatly jumped to conclusions. I never said anything bad about gay people. It’s just not normal. Just like my malformed legs is not normal. Just like being deaf is not normal. Just like being blind is not normal. You are still a person, you just aren’t normal. And if this concept of not being “normal” offends you, well thats life. Theres really no reason you should be offended. Im not offended. Why should you?

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Big Bad February

New month. Sup guys. Kick off the new month with Sealab 2021 seasons 1 and 2. At the end of last month I bought Ikaruga and Zoids, both for GameCube. I got SaGa Frontier for PS1. I got Predator 2 on DVD. And I bought the Divine Comedy (Dante’s Inferno + sequals) to read. I have a good ammount of cash right now thats how I was able to buy all that stuff.

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Orthodontist Work

i had an orthodontist appointment today. i scheduled my next one to interfere with work so i wouldnt have to go to work that day. is there anything morally wrong with that?

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