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Did you have a Merry Christmas?

Sup. I did. I got some cash, a sweater thingy, a couple gamecube games, some cool books, a CD, and a bunch of DVDs. DVDs include but are not limited to Simpsons seasons 4 and 5, futurama season 4, arrested development season 1, and the happy gilmore/billy madison box set. I don’t feel like listing everything but they are all awesome. So anyways, yeah. Good times. Keep on truckin guys. I’ll see you in the next year unless I find something to post about in the next 2 days.


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a series of unfortunate plotholes

Okay, I saw lemony snicket’s a series of unfortunate events today.

okay, first things first. i loved the way the movie looked and i thought the acting was great, especially jim carey. the only problem i had with this movie was the plot holes. HELLO? i mean seriously. Im sure things are cleared up in the books but for someone whose never read the books and only gets from the movie… we, well atleast me and my 3 friends i saw it with, are left in the dark. Gaping plot hole aside, I thought this movie was pretty good. Three thumbs up.

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Ocean’s Twelve

Well I finally got around to seeing this movie tonight. If you liked Ocean’s Eleven you will like this one. Same thing, different heist. As far as other media updates go I bought an AC-DC live CD that has a bunch of their hit songs on it. I’m not much into metal/hard rock/whatever but AC-DC has good music. I got 4 out of 5 of my grades in from this semester. I made a B in fitness, sociology, and algebra, and an A in art. My english 1101 grade still isn’t in. I should expect to see it by the end of the week. I also won a couple new figures off of eBay. I’ll post about them as they get here. ttfn!

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Semester Over

SCHOOL IS OVER for the semester. Yap, that’s correct. Schools out for the winter. I had to work tonight too and I was tired. I work tomorrow too. After work tomorrow I plan to go see Ocean’s Twelve.

Blade Trinity
I saw this wednesday night. Now, I think this was better than Blade 2 in most aspects thought this Blade did lack in certain departments, like the whole Dracula thing. Anyways, the first Blade is still the best of the 3. As always, I don’t like to ruin movies so I won’t go into it any further. But yeah, that’s all I have for now. PS, no school 😎

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semester coming to an end

Out with the old, in with the new! My room has been updated, you can see the pics in myself photosection by clicking my webcam pic (which seems to be borked at the moment) on the about page… or you could just click here.

Also, 2 down, 1 1/2 to go. That’s reference to my exams. I have algebra exam on Friday and my English portfolio is due on Friday. I also have to work after school on friday. I hope I live to see Saturday :. And 18 days until Christmas! :O

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Another December

Happy december ya’ll! Anywho; today a lot of stuff happened. Well not a lot in the sense of a lot but like you know what I mean, right? So after class I go to Media Play (it’s like bestbuy but replace the TV Section with books and the PC section with toys) and I bought the Spiderman 2 DVD for the family and for myself I bought Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls for GBA which is essentialy an upgraded FF1 and 2 on the same cart. I also bought the old House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price and Streetfighter 1 and 2 combo… that’s not Streetfighter as in the game but as in the old 70s kung-fu movie with Sonny Chiba (the Hatori Hanzo sword man from Kill Bill). Okay so thats what I got and I’m not even home yet. I get home to find out that Half-Life 2 Deathmatch ahs been released! Woohoo! I played it a bit and it is awesome. I can’t wait till I have more time to just sit down and play for a good few hours. Okay then the mail comes and my package of the stuff I won off of eBay comes in! I got 5 games for SNES: Super Star Wars, Super Empire Strikes Back, Super Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones, and Legeond of Zelda: Link to the Past! All for 19 bucks! Zelda alone is worth 19 bucks but then I get those 4 other LucasArts classics too! All games are in great working condition too. What a great day for games! I also beat my Pokemon LeafGreen finally. I hadn’t played it in like two months hehe. Yep, great day for gaming. I also snagged some Wendy’s for lunch and some Japanese takeout for dinner. The greatness of today will be ruined by this night when I have to study for two tests that I have tomorrow. Curse you school! I also managed to get through the Sonny Chiba movies today and they weren’t as awesome as Kill Bill but that’s unfair to compare movies to Kill Bill heh. The Streetfighter movies were good though, just not spectacular. But hey, for 5 bucks I’m cool with it. Later!

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