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New Media

I forgot to mention some new things I bought. Well first off I don’t remember if I said I got Collection 1 of the original Twilight Zone… it includes 35 episodes. Second off, I KNOW I haven’t mentioned the 3 new Super Nintendo games I bought: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, Arcana (an RPG), and The Chessmaster (just a chess game). And on an unimportant note, I have 4 controllers for my GameCube now.


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Abandon Ship

Here is obsolete now. I no longer use journal programs. If anyone here has ever cared about what I have had to say, regular my website, it is my “Jounral”

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The Beginning

Sorry Brandon 😦 Your website is like my website’s twin brother. Maybe I’ll host your images and articles or something we will discuss the details in person later.

As for my beginning. As you can see, the layout is a wee bit different. It is still being tweaked a bit. I also removed links that would have complications due to Brandon’s site going down. It is still up in the meantime though so visit it as much as you can before it’s gone FOREVER. Anywho, I have recently decided in my life that I want to be a Screenwriter. Yep, that’s right. I’d like to write for television but I have some movie ideas as well. I decided that I want to study Film in college so I will be going to Georgia State University next Spring (hopefully). The other day I bought “Screenwriting for Dummies” and have been reading it. After I am finished I am going to read the Pulp Fiction screenplay I bought so I can further understand the structure and technique of writing screenplays. After I have completed these two tasks I will probably look into a couple of other screenplay crafting resources but I will also being working on my first ever screenplay. I am going to watch a few selected films from the genre that this screenplay fits in to before I start writing though, to get a better feel of the genre, but watching films is a lot easier than writing them. I will be done with all of the pre-production stuff atmost before January as there is only one week of classes left and then finals. Then I will start the screenplay. More on that later

As I just mentioned with my classes… One week left! I will then be done with my first semseter of college! After next week I have finals but there is only one final per day so it will be laid back. I had today off and the rest of the week for Thanksgiving too. So what else have I been doing in my free time? Well I have played the Halo 2 and it was good. I have also played (and beat) the Half-Life 2 and it was awesome. Seriously, Half-Life 2 is really really awesome. Buy it! I mean, it is the best FPS ever. I also bought Star Wars Galaxies but I haven’t played much since I bought it. I will get into it after the week of finals because SWG is one of those lifestyle RPGs like Everquest, heh. Personally I don’t care for Everquest, and SWG is just a Star Wars themed Everquest. The thing is though, that I LOVE Star Wars. Yeah and I liked The Phantom Menace too. Anyways, that’s all I got for now. Later~

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Internet Race

First off, I changed my colors back to black and white. Second off, on November 2nd I put together a script right quick that allowed people to pick Kerry or Bush and submit. I also made it so you couldn’t “vote” more than once. Bush my have won the nation but Kerry won my internet poll: 65 to 35. Keep in mind anyone was allowed to participate this, regardless of age and nationality.

I also got a webcam recently. You can view it here. It is also now the image on my about page so you can view it there too. Alright then, later.

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Did you VOTE today?

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