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Oh hi

A long time, like 30 days? Yeah I have school and stuff and I work again and I have a lot of video games that I have been playing. So yeah really nothing to detail on. I work at KB Toys, and I have been playing Pokemon LeafGreen, Sims 2, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy 7, plus a slew of other games. My life is pretty boring other than that. I havn’t been active in any communities the past month either. I need to start doing stuff before I get dropped.

Watch the [presidential] debate tonight.


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Blast from the past.

Hey guys, remember this post? I work at KB Toys again. I start Monday. This time I make a little more than I did last time.

No Sky Captain review, I never went to go see it. Who knows if I still will – could be could not be.

And a last note, I don’t know if I ever mentioned them but I did some flash movies earlier this month. You can find them here, here, and here. Okay then bye bye now.

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tweak me baby 1 more time

Hello all. Tweaked yet again. This time the site layout changed significantly (“splash” now appears on every page), removed idea of different colored news heards, brandon’s posts are now highlighted in a barely noticabll light grey, menu is to the right now. It was all fairly easy thanks to my pal CSS(cascading style sheets). I viewed the page in Internet Explorer and it looked fairly decent. My browser of choice though is Mozilla Firefox. I have a little bit more to talk about but it’s getting late now so I’ll update you guys tomorrow. In addition to the few extra bits you can look forward to a review of Sky Captain which I’m planning to see on tomorrow. Ok guys, good night!

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Tweaking part ‘a billion

I did a little more tweaking here. The site is a little smaller and the topic titles are color coded. This goes for the main page and archive. Topics by me (hobblinharry) are now green, as are my older posts under the name KBS. Topics by brandon are in brown. Because brown is his color. If I ever give anyone else posting access I will give them a color too. Pieces!

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Where have I been?

So where have I been? Well, on the 10th I saw Resident Evil Apocolypse. It was AWESOMENESS.

Also on the 10th I bought a PSOne with Final Fantasy 7, Tactics, and Driver 1&2. I have also bought Final Fantasy 9, Twisted Metal 4, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, and I have Mortal Kombat 4 on the way from eBay. I will swoop in on a SaGa Frontier bid too if it doesnt get too pricy later today. I also bought Star Wars Bounty Hunter for GameCube cause it was only 15 dollars. Speaking of Star Wars I am going to buy the OT DVD when it comes out Tuesday.

And Finally, I bought The Sims 2 on Thursday. I am addicted. Oh yeah one more thing. I bought Pokemon LeafGreen. That had been consuming my time until I bought Sims 2. How have I been able to afford all of these things? SCHOLORSHIP CHECK.

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anniversary of sorts

Ok as I’ve said before, “Soporific” came out in April 2003 and was renewed to HobblinHarry in April 2004. Even before Soporific came out I had a slew of websites. Anyways—– When I started Soporific I was on a certain host. Then it went down. In August I got a new host and I’ve been with him ever since, even after the domain name change. I don’t remember the exact date I got on with him but on August 31, 2003 is when I made my first post after getting the database back up. You can view it here: First Entery

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I got a Star Wars T-Shirt from the online store… says “Revenge of the Sith”. I can’t wait till the movies come out. Anyways, as I live in Savannah we get Hurricanes. I mentioned Frances in a past post. We just got the outer winds but the hurricane still managed to do this:


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