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Spiderman 2

First, I’d like to welcome brandon back. Second, I want to say I am a huge Spiderman fanboy. I saw the midnight showing of this and it was worth it. An hour of standing in line for good seats was worth it. This movie was totally kickass. I really want to see it again. It’s like the first one on steroids with a slick hairdo. That’s how great it is. It also has a supercool cliffhanger. I’ll leave you guys at that. Oh and if you’ve never taken any advice about the movies I’ve seen before take it about this one. If you don’t like it I’ll even refund your money. So so long and good night! It’s over!


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Been playing a lot of Final Fantasy 3. A LOT of Final Fantasy 3. I’m on the last bosses which means I won’t play for a while. I died while fighting them but now I’m there and do I really need to finish it? I already know how it ends. Maybe I’ll beat it one day. But not for now – don’t see a reason. Mostly because I bought Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy today. So far it is sweet. I plan on reading the entire thing while I’m beddened from my knee surgery. If I don’t finish it before then that is. On the ubermadfreaks front, theres some serious retards there. Seriouly. In my application I made ONE spelling error which was I left out an R in embarrassed. So then someone says no to letting me join, that’s cool I’m fine witht hat but their reason was because of all my typos. What the fuck? Theres just one. So a few people later another guy says no because of the “spelling errors” This person being lucid_dreaming, who apparantly has a popular journal here. Why is it popular? Why does a fucking retard get a lot of people to vote for them? I doubt s/he even READ my application and just went on what the first moron said. Whatever. As I’ve said I don’t care if I’m accepted. I just hate stupid people. I don’t have tolerance for them. I’m not talking about people who can’t help it either. I’m talking about lucid_dreaming. I should take that back. Maybe s/he really is mentally handicapped. I hope so for all our sakes because theres no excuse for such idiotry. And even if spelling errors did appear more than a few times why does it matter? It’s not like my application was like “I loev al teh monkys plese ecept me fro mermbersihp!” God, I really do hate stupid people. Yeah that’s a bad thing to say but I don’t hate any other people. Just the stupid ones. Let me define a few things here.

ignorant – simply not knowing the facts
dumb – you can’t help it
stupid – you can help it and you choose to NOT learn the facts.

That is why I hate stupid people, as why should the entire population hate stupid people. Thank you and good night. Oh and I would be a much happier person if I was not in the same community as lucid_dreaming. I only still consider ubermadfreaks because my friend is in it but it’s not THAT important. This journal isn’t even that important to me. I went 2 months without posting. That’s how important this is to me. Anyways

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I saw White Chicks a few nights ago with some friends of mine. It was better than I thought it would be story wise but it lived up comedy level, which is pretty great considerend the Waynes brothers. Also, I registered for classes at college so I’m a full fledged college student now. The semester starts August 16th. Okay then bye!

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I woke up at 8:30 today to go with my mom to take her Jeep to get worked on. She drover her jeep to the place and I drove my truck, so we could leave her jeep there. Afterwards I got my lisence renewed and got my Army ID renewed (my dads in the army reserves, currently deployed to Iraq). I finally got home now and am tired. I dunno if I can sleep again though because I drank two cokes. Anyways… uh, I applied to ubermadfreaks or whatever. I’m not sure why, mostly because my friend is in it. If I get in I do, if not then I don’t. I don’t care either way. Infact if I do get accepted then that means theres just more things I have to pay attention too. Whatever. I have too much time anyways so that’s why I don’t care. Hasta la vista, baby.

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I forgot, when I got home last night a girl I know IMed me. Well when I got back apparently she had already gone to bed because she was idle and never came back around. But I did get to read what she messaged me. It was something like “If I ask you something straigh up will you answer?” Well of course I would so thats what I said but she never asked me what she had planned to. So now I’m wondering what it could be. It’s like Christmas.

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Saw White Chicks last night. Me, Hadley, and Ben drank some juice before we went into the movie which made it funner. We were like the only white people in there too. Good times. Today I went to the mall and bought two shirts, a Mario Bros one (as stated I love video games) and a shirt that says “College” Well that’s all I got for the moment, talk to you lata~~

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movies and CDs update

Today I got the new Beastie Boys CD and their Anthology CD “Sounds of Science.” Beastie Boys is great and I love everything they have ever made. Period. . Anyways I saw Chronicles of Riddick with a friend last nite. The movie was better than I expected it to be, but I think Pitch Black was better. The ending was totally unpredictable (by my standards) and I can usually predict the end of a movie even before it’s halfway through. So go watch it! That’s all I got to say about that. Period.

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