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Maroon 5 pictures

OK, my friend Kathryn who also went to the Maroon 5 concert sent me some pics. You can tell she didn’t set her camera’s date because it says they were taken in September :-. Anyways you can check them out here: Maroon 5!


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It is exactly one week until graduation. It is also exactly two weeks until my BIRTHDAY! I will be 18. Send me birthday email cards dammit.

Anyways, I got some new CDs recently. Well first of all I don’t remember if I announced I got the first Beastie Boys CD. Yep, I am liscenced to ill now. Also I recently found my Cranberries CD (to the faithful departed) and my Limp Bizkit – Significant Other. I like them both. I also got the Evanescence CD which is good. And finally the two new CDs I bought – Franz Ferdinand self titled and Modest Mouse – Good News for People who Love Bad News. They are both awesome CDs but Modest Mouse is awesomely awesome.

I’ve been reading Love Hina. I watched the anime that covers the first manga volume and that got me hooked so I went and read volumes 2-8. I will read the rest later but right now I need to read Rebirth vol 5 which I have sitting on my desk.

Well that should sum things up… I did realize however I never commented on the Maroon 5 show which I saw 21 days prior. It was a great show. I was supposed to get some pictures of it from a friend but she never gave them… I’ll have to bug her. So anyways aside from all of that life is good and I’ll post again later. Tomorrow I’m going to a party so it probably won’t be tomorrow… even though if there was no party it still probably wouldn’t be tomorrow heh. OK I’m going, tahtah!

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Finally finished

I’m finally finished with High School! I have my graduation on the 3rd of June but after that I’m done! Time for summer fun!

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Facts of Life

I forgot, last month I went to six flags and bought one of the pictures from the roller coaster. You can see it here!

Other than that, this is the last week of school. Ok well after this week theres 2 days of school the following week but it’s for graduation practice (and all the nublet undergrads have their exams) but yeah school is almost out! I’ll be done with grade school forever! Yeah! YEAH! yeah… so anyways after school gets out I’m gonna help my friend work on his Corner. There isn’t much I need to do to my own site. I also don’t know how much I’ll be able to mess with my own site because this summer I will be getting knee surgery and then I might be going to Wisconsin and to Russia.

I also added some drawings to short lived. TTFN!

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short lived is final

Short lived is what I finally want it to be now. The stupid stuff I draw on paper when I’m bored or at school, which essentially when I’m bored still, is what short lived is. I scan it and upload it. I have other drawings but they are so incredibly dumb that it isn’t worth the time waiting for them to scan. This will not be updated regularly because I do not draw all the time.

Today also marks the first day of E3 and all kinds of stuff has come out! Most noticabely Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 pics and videos. Check it out at your favorite gaming site!

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Other stuff

I finished the Hellsing anime series last night. It was absolutely awesome and everything I expected it to be – and then some. Theres still things I need to catch up on like finishing Star Wars Rebel Strike, the rest of the Daria episodes, and reading the book adaption of Resident Evil 2. And I still need to go get Resident Evil 3… and now Code Veronica is out and I need to get that too :. It might be a long time before I get to the rest of the Resident Evil games, hell, I might even play Resident Evil 4 before I get to the new other ones. If I didn’t spend so much time on the Internet I could do all of these things. I still have the Lord of the Rings books on my to-do list but those won’t be coming for a LONG time. Well, that’s it for now. Peace.

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This post is all about Zelda

Thanks to the GameSpy hosted site Zelda Elements, there is a lot of public information about all the upcoming Zelda stuff.

The Minish Cap
First of all there have been some rumours the past week about a new Zelda GameBoy game titled “The Minish Cap.” The details? No one knows still but theres a video been released on it. It also includes the ever popular Four Swords, as if we haven’t seen enough of it. I don’t have anything against it I’m just upset Nintendo is trying to milk more money off of it with a GameCube version and we don’t even get the bonus Zelda party games from the Japanese version.

Here is the video showcasing the Minish Cap.

Real Zelda
Atleast that’s what I’m gonna call it. This is it, the realistic Zelda everyone has been waiting for! There are absolutely no details about this but some screen shots can be found at Zelda Elements and a video can be seen here. If this is supposed to be the Wind Waker 2, I’m not sure but there are still no details about WW2. Today is just the pre-E3 stuff though! Check your favorite gaming sites Wednesday through Friday for complete coverage!

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