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Top ‘em all!

I went back and saw that there were TWO other occasions where I posted 3 times in one day. Well consider this the new record! FOUR times in one day! I don’t ever plan on posting this much again in one day. Well since I’m here, I’ll comment on Matrix Revolutions which I saw a few days ago. It was a little better than the second one in my own personal opinion, but the first one is by far the best and also it is my opinion that the second two, while good action movies, destroyed what could of been an awesome movie series. Matrix was such a unique concept yet it was messed up. Oh well, that’s just my own worthless opinion.


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Ketchup on life.

I forgot to mention (and if I did mention it forgive me for forgetting) that I bought (and beat) Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. The remake is absolutely gorgeous. Still need to get Resident Evil 3 :. As far as CDs go, I bought the old blink-182 Chesire Cat and the Maroon 5 CD. Maroon 5 is comming to Savannah and I’m gonna see them! They come on May 6th and are gonna play the college I am accepted too. It should be lots of fun! I haven’t been reading much manga lately on account of no money. In the meantime I can read a Resident Evil book I bought. Or I can finish watching the Hellsing anime. The choice is mine and mine alone! Ok well, that’s 3 posts in one day. I’m not sure if its a new record or not but I’ll see for myself. Okay then bye bye now!

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Temporary Perm.

Okay, I am satisfied with this layout for the time being. It’s kind of an homage to one of my older layouts, a layout for a website I forgot all about until just now. This was “pre-penumbra” and was actually from the Early 2001 era. It is from when I was known as nucleonics. I forgot about this website because it did not last long at all. It was back when I played a game called Arcadia. Anyways, the thing I am most satisfied with is my banner. If you don’t like it then you can rot. Ok that’s it for now!

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New new new!

Okay! I have the new domain now! Yup, This layout is temporary until I get better with Photo Shop (or until someone makes me a new layout – wink wink).

In other news, I saw Kill Bill vol 2 on Friday. Let’s just say it tops the first one and the first one was untoppable. I also saw Pulp Fiction the whole way through this weekend (In the past I saw just bits and pieces). Pulp Fiction is equally awesome. Quentin Tarantino is just plain awesome. Enough idolizing. Oh yeah, speaking of Quentin Tarantino and idolizing, he was on American Idol and was awesome on that too :. Ok well that’s about it. Oh! I play Diablo II again. Reach me if you want to play sometime. Adios for now!

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What am I thinking this late, and the kind of person I am

It’s midnite. Is it nite or night? Doesn’t matter. What’s important as I got this thing to look the way I want. I can now journalize it. I guess this is my first real journal entry. So here we go!

I will dedicate my “first” entry in my journal to tell a little about myself. My name is Harrison Wallace and I live in Savannah GA. I’m a senior in High School and I’m already accepted to the college I will start in the Fall. So far I’m declared as an education major (more specifically high school math teacher) but It might change. I don’t register for classes until the end of June and thats when I will find out what I really want to do. Oh yeah, I’m 17 but gonna be the big 18 in 2 months. This is good and bad. For you see, when I’m 18, I’ll be an “adult” but with that it means I have to be careful who I mess around with… but I don’t have much to worry about because I’ve never been with anyone… ever. It’s not that I’m not social, I’m just shy around people I don’t know really well. I lack self-confidence. It could be the fact that I wear prosthetic legs (nothing accidental, been that way from birth). If it is that, it’s subconscious because I try not to let that drag me down. It’s other people that would be dragged down by my disability. But what I lack in legs, I make up for in personality, sense of humor, intelligence… not looks. I wouldn’t say I’m fat, I’m 6’0″ and I currently weight 204 lbs. I weigh my self regularly because I am losing weight – no I’m not on a diet, I just eat a LOT less. I never ate a lot in the first place though, I just have a super slow metabolism. I’m right handed, wait… why does that matter? I’m sure someone cares. If you do care please let me know because no one ever cares about anything concerning me. No one cares about the nice guys. We finish last. Every girl I’ve ever been interested (save the ones I find it too difficult to talk to) consider me a brother. I’ll find a girl someday. Maybe in college. That’s what it’s all about anyways right? What else is there to say? Oh, I’m into web design. I’m not good with gfx but I like to code. Of course I know HTML but I also know some JavaScript, and more importantly PHP and MySQL. My web site is powered by both of the latter. I like to draw. I draw a lot in class… I’m not a good drawer. I draw what I think. It looks rough but it’s good stuff in my opinion. I usually draw farfetched stuff like huge monsters attacking cities or a personified Germany holding a knife taking over France. I’m pretty nerdy. I don’t wear glasses but I enjoy learning and I like Dungeons and Dragons. I am also into RPGs (Final Fantasy <3), anime, manga (currently reading the Zelda mangas), music, movies, and sleep. I like detailed anime. Stuff where they get deep in the story. Not the ones focused on the action like Dragon Ball Z. I’m Scottish on the patriarchal side of my family. I have nothing to show fore it except the freckles. I have black hair (well it’s really ultra dark brown). My grandma on my mom’s side says its from the Native American I have in me on her side. I don’t know. I’m a realist. I believe socialism works, I like the ideas of desim. I like nerdy girls. You know – glasses, braces, smart, headsrong, girls who are into games, the same stuff I’m into (I’m a nerd). I have a Nintendo GameCube myself. To hell with PlayStation and Xbox. Mario and Zelda for life! Viva la Italian food! Viva la America! Viva las Vegas! Viva la Bam! Veni Vedi Vici! Wow, that’s a lot about me. I’m sure theres a lot lot more. I have a Ford Ranger. What can you expect from my journal? What I’m thinking… what I dreamed, what happened to me that day, drawings (I guess a good word for my drawings would be comics). I’m an only child. I wish I had brothers and/or sisters. I will totally be up for lots of kids if my future wife is. I’m the kind of guy who will give his kids weird/archaic names too. I don’t know much about computers themselves. I know enough but I’m an Internet guy. Okay I think that’s enough for now.

Oh yeah, I’m on Spring Break right now. Okay then bye bye now.

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All thats left is the domain

Hey peoples! I have tweaked the site to fit the domain name that I am going to be getting soon. I also took older stuff off of my site, tweaked it around, and added “short lived.” Short Lived is the name of my comic series. They are one frame and can be just about anything I want. In the future I will get a new layout for the site but not now. Now let me explain about the upcomming new domain name. It is the nick name I go by in real life and is also my AIM name. So whats up with “kbs” and “keyboardstomp?” These are the nicks I go by online. That is because Hobblin Harry is too personal to use on a place full of strangers. So why am I making it my new domain name? Because even though other people will see it, my website is something that is still personal to me. I will however still go by KBS (keyboardstomp) when I post updates here. That is because that’s who I am online. I also have the AIM name keyboardstomp. Anyways, the new domain name should be up by next week. Have fun kiddos!

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I never got a new domain name! Ohs wells… 😦

I will get one very soon I promise. It’s just a matter of apathy. So okay apart from that, well my site has been around for atleast one year now b/c I registered in April 2003. I have been running a personal website since like Early 2001 though. Here let me take you on a brief history.

A brief history:
I have been making websites for a long time but my first personal website sprouted up around Spring 2001. It started out as penography for at the time my handle was penumbra… or pen for short, thus penography. I was penography up until April 2003. I wanted to get my own domain name instead of a sub on my pals sites (like I am currently reverted to) but, .net, .etc were all taken so after some thinking I chose soporific. Well now its April 2004 and I don’t like The new domain I am looking at however is one I will keep for probably the rest of my life. Until I get my new domain you will continue to see themed stuff. That’s it for now!

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