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Le Simple

I have simplified the site by making it more personal. No more news feeds, internet projects that I am not solely responsible for, or “texts”. The texts part will be evolved into a writings section, as soon as I seriously sit down and write/complete anything. Images still exists because they are images I think are important. This site will soon be getting it’s new domain name too which I don’t want to disclose cause someone might steal it out from under me! Nah I doubt that but still… It’s a surprise. Well, for now yeah I guess that’s it. This site is now 100% my blogger.


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Time to start making a blogger out of this. I have been reading this manga called Rebirth. I just finished the 3rd volume today. I’ll probably borrow the 4th one from my friend (as I have the rest). It’s about this Vampire who has been “resurrected” so to speak and seeks revenge on the person who put him to sleep. He is joined by 3 girls and one guy who happens to be immortal.

As for other mangas I’m reading: Hellsing volume 2 just came out so I have to pick that up. Berserk vol2 has been out for a while but I can’t find it anywhere. I have begun the series Ragnarok and Demon Diary. I don’t think I will continue Ragnarok… maybe, but Demon Diary is good. I also need to read Battle Royale vol2 – Battle Royale is one sick comic. Well that’s all I can think of for now. Oh yeah, i’m going on some sort of “weight loss” plan but it’s not really a diet. In simple terms: i’m gonna starve myself. That seems the quickest way to do this. Well yeah now that’s it for now. I am gonna try to post more frequently (read: less frequently). Cya!

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My host upgraded

Soporific is now on a linux server. I personally like linux servers better than windows. Thanks to Justin from for that. I’ve been slack on the updating I know. I am having ideas for a new, graphical layout. Maybe seeing something nice when I come here will give me incentive to update more. Also I’m still thinking of a new domain name.

In other news, I saw Starsky and Hutch. It is a funny movie but if you wait till video you aren’t cheating yourself. 7/10 from me. Well yeah that’s it for now. Cya

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I forgot

Long time no post, teehee! I kinda forgot about posting here. School has died down some what though so I was able to remember. I’ve been buying some CDs – best of R.E.M., Jet, Tenacious D just to name a few. I’ve been submitting stuff for college too, no big deal though, I’m going to a local college. I need to really try to post every day. Anyways, I’ve also been getting into manga. I’ve read volume 1 of Hellsing, Demon Diary, Berserk, and Battle Royale. Hellsing is by far the coolest, then Berserk and Battle Royale. Demon Diary was so-so. I also read the Communist Manifesto. It was interesting to say the least – but for now I think I’ll stick with capitalism. Well, that’s the catch up. I’ll try to post more frequently from now on.

Oh yeah, one more thing. My domain name expires next month, I need to renew it. I might go for a different name though. Not sure yet. Anyways, ttyl.

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