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Whats goin on? I beat Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. Now THATS a fun game. Now I am playing Star Wars: Rebel Strike. By the time I complete this game, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes should be out. Now, Twin Snakes looks awesome. It’s the first Metal Gear Solid, which is already proven good, with super polished graphics, and enhancments found in the second Metal Gear Solid. It comes out March 9th. I will be there THE DAY it comes out. I can’t wait. Now about Resident Evil 4. This is scheduled to come out Christmas. I’ve been reading some stuff online, and looking at some pics. Capcom is taking RE in a totally different direction. No more zombies and no more Umbrella. I can only wonder what this means? More info should definately come out in E3. This, I think, Will be the most exciting E3 to date. Halo 2 and Half-Life 2 will be there again. Resident Evil 4 of course, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. And that Nintendo DS. That dual-screened handheld coming soon from Nintendo. Finally, I washed my truck today. Well, that sums things up for now, catch ya on the flipside!


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First Issue of da Blog

Phantasy Star Online … online sucks. It is way more fun offline with some pals. No one plays on-line, it is so boring. I cancelled my account because it wasn’t worth it. It was like i was paying Sega without getting anything in return. My job also sucked. well not that much, but I “quit.” When asked if I wanted to keep working after the season was over, I said no. With my gaming, I’m almost done with Mario and Luigi… I went on a long hiatus with my GameCube. After I beat it I will move onto Rebel Strike… yup, still havent “played” it yet. I’m going to Atlanta later this month for Academic Decathalon – it’s a thing where different schools compete, first locally, then statewide, then nation wide. Im on the team and my school made it to state, so we are going. It should prove to be interesting. I highly doubt we will go to nationals though. We are just a po’dunk school from Savannah. Whatever. I recently saw the Beavis and Butthead DVDs. It reminded me how much I love toilet humor. It also reminded me how much I miss Daria, so as of late I have been looking for episodes (of Daria). If you know any places, drop me a line. You can click my name on any news post to e-mail me!

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Welcome to the new SOPORIFIC.ORG

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned something about how I can take my site in the direction I want to now. I think my site will be based around my texts section. I will upload various things dealing with different things. The could range from stories, to rants, to FAQs, etc etc. Only time will tell. It will be like news part of my site, only stuff that I feel is really important and needs to be saved as a file. So far, the only thing there are those video games texts which have been there since the beginning of my website back in April 2003. They have all been updated and tweaked here and there but still reperesent what they did when created. Im just rambling on here so I will move on.

With the news posting section of my site, this will become more like a blogger, and I will post much more frequently. It will be news about my life and about my opinions. Same with the texts and images sections. The archive is an archvie of the blogger naturally, about is about yours truly, links are to links about sites I feel are important to my experience on the internet, the new news feeds section has headlines for sites that I like and provide XML feeds for me to headline, and the UBMovie section is a movie/comedy I co-wrote with a friend about the game UniBall. Thats it for now, and this time for real, expect more in the future!

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The Wammys

Is it just me or did this Grammys suck? It was like a giant hip-hop concert. Not that I hate rap, not that I love it either, but the Grammys is supposed to ecompass all music, not be some showboat for rap. I was never one for the Grammys anyways. Im an Oscar person. And those come later this month. Hopefully they wont suck like the Grammys did.

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new look

i have totally revamped my website. i can now take it in the direction i want to. more on that later.

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