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The UniBall Movie

The UniBall Movie has been finished. For those of you who don’t know, UniBall is a hockey type game, 2-D overview. The UniBall Movie is more about the community, and points in the communitie’s history which had big impacts. So, unless you’ve been playing UniBall for a while, you wouldn’t get it at all. The reason I’m posting about this is because I co-wrote the movie with a fellow UniBaller and another friend of ours made it into a flash movie. There is a link to it on the menu, but here is a quick link: link. If you don’t play UniBall, feel free to watch it anyways. It would be like watching any other movie, but its a comedy, and all the jokes are inside. It’s also 20 minutes long. I also redid how the picturse, flash, and text section works on my site. Peace out.


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Happy 2004

Yup, 2004. And to bring in the new year, a new layout. Courtesy of my host, The new school semester started. When I graduate I will be over with highschool! Yea not much excitement around here… I tweaked the archive script just a little more. Expect more updates to come. I’m still thinking what track I want to take the site on. My domain expires in April. I will renew it but as far as keeping the name soporific, I dunno. We will see. Anyways, adios!

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