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A special bonus post! First of all I forgot to mention I bought Usual Suspects and Reservoir Dogs on DVD. I love Reservoir Dogs. If you hadn’t picked up on it when Kill Bill came out, then I’ll tell you. I LOVE QUENTIN TARANTINO! Ok so anyways the main reason of this post is on Christmas, I saw LORD OF THE RINGS 3. OMG this movie was cool. 3 and a half hours didnt really seem that long with this spectacle. It was really great, they finished it off nicely. I mean I know the story was already there, but the presentation in movie format, they finished it nicely. But yeah, good movie. Go watch it. It wont seem like 3 1/2 hrs. Anyways, that is really it for now, unless something new happens. Well, gtg bye.


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Well at the beginning of this month I registered to play Phantasy Star Online… Online. Oh yeah, that measn I bought a broadband adapter too. I haven’t been able to play much, the last weeks of school before break were hectic. Yeah I’m on break now, but I’ve already spent one week, next week is the last. I was busy last week with work. I also bought Mario Kart Double Dash. It is SuperDuper fun!

How was yalls Christmas? Mine was great. I got lots of stuff. I got 3 pocket knifes, 2 sweaters, cologne, 28 days later, a 10 dollar best buy gift card, a watch, 80 dollars, ATI Radeon 9600 XT, and a BASS GUITAR!!! I’ve been playing White Stripes – Seven Nation Army with it. And earlier this week I bought Halo for PC to go with my new video card (the only gift I knew about in advance). ALso, today was my last day at work, the season is over. After work I bought Star Wars Rebel Strike ( I got the Bonus disc too cause we had some left over) and I bought Mario and Luigi for GameBoy Advance. I tried them all out tonite and they were all fun. Well, Now I got a full week off to enjoy my new stuff, and finally have time to hang with my friends. So I probably won’t post the rest of the month, I’ll be too busy taking some me time. That brings us to:

I’ll try to post some time after New Years. Along with indulging myself in my new goodies, I have a little bit of homework to do. After break is second semester of my high school senior year so I will be stumped with work. I want to take this site in some direction though. I’m not sure exactly what. Maybe I will do something about bass guitar. Maybe I will do something about short stories. Anyways, whatever I do, I’ll let all 4 1/2 readers of this site know. That’s it for now!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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