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Been a few weeks, eh? I’ve been busy with school and my new job. Like I said, I started that tuesday at KBToys, but I’ve only worked there a total of 5 times heh. School was the main thing. I have a lot of school work to do today also. I trust you all had a good Thanksgiving. I did! Once I get my paycheck next week I am going to buy Mario Kart: Double Dash. I also might get that Mario and Luigi Gameboy game. I will also be getting Resident Evil 3 when I get 30 bucks which shouldnt be hard. I am going to buy Mario Kart first though. And then Code Veronica comes out next month so I will get that also.

I also picked up quite a bit of CDs. I got the new Blink-182 CD, which rocks, I got the latest Strokes and White Stripes CDs (which aren’t exactly new, but they are the newest ones from them) and they are both great, and finally I got that No Doubt greatest hits CD that just came out last week. It’s also great. Especially if you enjoy their hit songs! Well that’s it until next time. I’ll try to post again before Christmas. Oh yeah, I changed the layout too – it’s the Mc layout. Why? I don’t know. But this is the second “themed” layout of the site – the first being blink-182 enema of the state themed. TTFN (ta ta for now)


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Tweak, Review, Work

I removed the MTG Card Search from my site. I don’t really care for that game anymore, haven’t in a while either. On the other hand, I added a news thing for blink-182 to my site. I didn’t code it myself, it already existed, and I created a link to it. Yep, I like blink-182.

The review is for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I finally beat it. I went like a whole week without playing, but I beat it today. It is the best Tactical RPG I have ever played. The story for the original FFTactics is MUCH MUCH better, but the overall gameplay in this one is great. If you have a GameBoy Advance (or in my case, the GameBoy Player for GameCube) DEFINATELY buy this game!!

I have a job now. It is at KB Toys. I haven’t started yet. They told me to come in monday to be put in the computer and sign papers. I might start Tuesday. Anyways. That’s all. Bye.

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