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I’m back online!

thanks to a good friend opious, i am back online! w00t!#$!@$!$!@$.

I don’t remember if I was still up when I beat Donkey Kong ’94, so incase I wasn’t, then everyone: I beat Donkey Kong ’94. I also beat F-Zero (for SNES) and I finally completed Super Mario All-Stars. I only bought one new game, a SNES one, Wayne’s World. I only bought this game because of the comedy, I probably won’t try to beat it… ever.

I still have to get Resident Evil 3 but I still don’t have a job! It’s gonna be even harder to find out also now that school started back up. I’m starting on my 4th week this tuesday (got Labor Day off =P). Well, now that I’m back, expect a lot more (read less) updates!


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